UPenn Nominates LIA THOMAS For NCAA Woman Of The Year Award: Kim Iversen, Robby Soave & Libby Emmons

Editor in chief at The Post Millennial Libby Emmons weighs in on Lia Thomas being nominated for the NCAA Woman of the Year award.

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  1. Male – Female – Other
    Get to prison, get recycled; better luck next incarnation!
    I'm less serious about that last part, but it's likely a problem that fixes itself as long as authority does not interfere.

  2. I don't see how anyone should validate the notions of a person who is clinically deluded. If a man wants to dress up in women's clothes, fine. If that person wants to be called a woman.. Sorry, that would be ignoring reality to make someone who is mentally ill feel better.

  3. The only way this gets fixed Is if women grow some balls. Speak out and protest. It's unfortunate that it has come to this but they were too quiet and weak for too long and now they will have to sacrifice. Every brave woman needs to walk away from the pool or track meet, etc and this nonsense will stop as quick as it began. If they did this at the beginning then it would have never gotten anywhere close to this point. The weak enabled this and now the brave will have to sacrifice to end it

  4. I will get hate for this comment but the reason we have this issue is because those people are not in mental institution anymore. Their fantasy lives & world are being encouraged & exalted by this administration & everyone else is supposed to agree & participate in their fantasy. It's NOT normal. They need to be institutionalized & we as a society wouldn't have these additional problems or dilemmas. Just being honest

  5. Just simply nutzo crazy-o. So much for us being " all in this together " as has been the mantra last few years of the Great Grift. creating more division disguised as diversity. Heck of a scam playing out for the elites as we tear each other apart to serve they're agenda.

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