URGENT message to all VIC businesses and employees


Daniel Andrews’ ‘mandate’ is at odds with Scott Morrison and the position of the Federal Government.

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  1. Our Governments are not abiding by the Law of the Australian Constitution, they are making up the Laws as they go along and only go by the construction when it suits them, the governor-generals of the state and federal whose role it is to make sure the government abide by the constitution are letting them get away with this treason, I’m sick of the Lies and the Corruption, isn’t there any decent honest people to govern anymore. They are pushing to make us take an experimental vaccine that has been rushed through the test, nobody should have the right to make you inject anything into your body unless you want it and I shouldn't have to be blackmailed or lose my job if I do not do what they say, this is a democracy that has human rights, didn't we learn anything from world war two. The Government Job is to Govern the country, not the people.

  2. ha ha ha dan the man is a lunatic 😆😆 someone educate him what law means 😆😆 i think you aussies need to section him 🙄 he has completely lost the plot !!!

  3. Keep the numbers down, trust the science, so present it, all freedom of information requests are denied. If we are trusting the science show me the figures before and after the vaccination program.

  4. This treasonous individual & his political party, should ALL be chained together & marched through the streets of Melbourne to be shamed in public & charged with so many treasonous acts against Melbourne Victoria & Australia it's almost not possible to count.

  5. Mandatory for us but not for this CLOWN, the rest of his colleagues and judges. Yeah right. How convenient. Don't buy into the BS, it's a last minute bait…. cause they know their time is running out.

  6. mandatory vaccinations have already been used by the government (the US Government) for the eradication of smallpox. Jonas Salk is famous for discovering the vaccine for polio, in which he did trials on himself, so the greater good would benefit.

  7. I'm not sure if i want to reveal that ive been vaxed..just to stand in support for those who dont want it.. my research indicates vax is wise..and i would feel safer if more were..but im standing on principal here!

  8. JOKE: Road map to Australia, after the lockdown eases. An anti-vaccer sick with covid19 goes in to a hospital. The nurse tells them, "sorry we've got no beds left. We're too busy right now with a lot of other sick patients who were before you. Go and wait in the morgue and could you please take this long black bag with you?" Seriously, how many empty beds do you think there will be to accomodate everyone who's sick.

  9. As of September 2021
    The vaccines are still under Provisional Determination as published by TGA

    They haven't even reached Provisionally Registered.

    This is pending trials and semantic reviews. Did you realise that no one will be accountable as those that have received the vac are the guinea pigs!

    It makes me so angry that the population have been deceived by greed, pollies and media

  10. Government data, released to the ABC, has revealed 36 of the 49 aged care residents that died after contracting COVID-19 during NSW's Delta outbreak were fully vaccinated.