URGENT MSG: Australian health, doctor & nurses speak up about disasters in the medical frontline

URGENT: Important updates from Melbourne Freedom protests from our on the ground reporters.

This footage was captured on 27th of November 2021, the day of the biggest protest in Australian history. Where over 700,000 woman, children, elderly people, individuals in wheelchairs and family dogs and marched peacefully in unison around Melbourne streets for their human rights, civil liberties and freedoms.

This video is vitally important listening for all Aussie doctors, nurses, health practitioners, teachers and emergency service workers.

Kindly share this video widely to ensure that as many people as possible to educate yourself about current health events.

All our global colleagues will benefit from listening to these key medical personnel sharing their stories from the medical frontline.

An Australian registered nurse with over 30 years experience at the front line at a major hospital speaks up about her harrowing experiences over the past 20+ months.

An Aussie doctor who works on the front medical line and is also a public health specialist discusses his experiences over recent years.
Both esteemed medical professionals represent the #reclaimtheline movement.


N.B. Please note that our reporters were on the ground to capture details of the protests and the public speeches to share with our audience. These images are not films, they are merely curated for news gathering purposes.. Thanks

Written by Clarion Media


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