Urgent! UK Government’s Digital Identity Survey

Digital Identity Survey link:

The UK Government have given a ridiculous short amount of time to a public consultation about the proposal of Digital Identities that will impact the citizens of the Great Britain.

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Written by Richard Vobes


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  1. Richard, I am sadly becoming something of an expert at completing consultation documents (I live in Wales where they are trotted out weekly in relation to the self-catering industry – we are all on “consultation overload” here).

    The trick is to add comments to the “please give the reason for your answer” box; EVERY comment should start with “I strongly disagree with the introduction of ANY digital identity verification as it infringes every person’s right to privacy and freedom; the data to be shared will be exposed to hacking, abuse and errors which will negatively impact our daily lives and ability to be free individuals; ………………….” (the specific justification for each answer is then added to the end.

    When the standard text has been typed once, it can be copied and pasted with the final relevant bit for each question added at the end of it.

    The biggest worry is that hardly anyone will complete this, so we all need to share it with everyone we know, shouting it from the rooftops and making people fill it in.

  2. Thank you Richard, delighted you read my comment last night on this and it can be filled in anonymously. We have 2 months and they want to bring it in for December. We already have our own National Insurance numbers but this links all our data in order to bring in digital currency. This is to link every govt office whether it's when you MOT or tax your car, or if you need to use the NHS or claim benefits. KEEP USING CASH.

  3. UK just the start. Australia is looking into it – but it won't be 'mandatory' ofcourse (not yet anyway!) The billionaires WEF 'great reset' is upon us and they want CONTROL! Remember they have stated we will own nothing by 2030 – all this from a non elected group who pay bribe money to government citizen-elected people. The digital ID is a precursor to microchips. If you don't comply, with a flick of a switch you can't access your bank etc!! (sounds like China)

  4. Private contractors and companies need to be prohibited from accessing, or especially sharing this information. Transfer to unauthorized parties should incur mandatory prison sentences, as should unauthorized possession.

    A list needs to be published of who has access, to what, from who, and specifically why, with no exceptions.

    Citizens need to have an absolute right to review the entirety of their file and a log of specifically who has accessed it, and when, at any time without restriction or required notice.

  5. Basically archetype pigeon holing so that the “ partners and attributes “ can best target marketing and financial services can estimate spending and debt potential of an individual.
    Targeting health care provisions , credit opportunities, insurance products etc etc
    Besides that there is personal profiling opportunities which present incentives to various agencies to monitor individuals who are not functioning within the system in a way the state considers efficiently and to compile those profiles to create generic algorithms to screen and monitor everyone who might categorise .

  6. Never forget it's our money they are using to control us and these bastards WILL lie to you to hypnotize you into compliance. They don't give a rats backside about us. Unless you've been asleep for the last three years, you would know that.

  7. I would disagree strongly with all of it!
    For a start, we all have seen our data hacked and made public… unacceptable.
    Secondly, this clearly feeds into the social score database. So even if I move to Timbuktu, they'll know exactly who I am and all my details before I even get there. How is that to my benefit?
    Thirdly, I object to being treated like someone's possession, all tied up and evaluated fit for purpose or otherwise by persons unknown.
    Fourth, we know from experience these past few years, that NOTHING our globalist government deems important is for our benefit. It's important for them. Does it allocate me a use-by date or punish me for mistakes or disagreement with their policies?
    Absolutely keep the government's nose out of my PRIVATE affairs!!

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