Ursula f*cked up…

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Ursula f*cked up…

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  1. Ukraine fought with Russia fair and square. Ukraine ask for it and got the result. Now the theiving NATO wants to steal 600B from Russia… hope they get a little spanking instead..

  2. To be exact, she in fact said "OFFICERS", not soldiers – so that begs the question, "How many soldiers?" Is it too much to expect someone in her position to be exact in her statements?

  3. Ursula was trying to create a false narrative and use that to confiscate Russian assets.
    She needs the Russian assets because the EU economies are all eff up by her actions.
    A New Global Pirate has just surfaced.

  4. Ya yeah da horses 🐎 in bakhmut I vant da horses tooo wiz zalensky u no zelensky da clown 🤡 we can all ride da horses togezer when nasty Putin man gone from bakhmut 😂😂😂 and take da ice cream with fresh strawberry later ya wunderbar 🤓😂

  5. That statement was deleted because the truth will demoralized the Ukranian soldiers, & citizens as we as other countries supporting Ukraine! At the same time, it will open the truth that Russia is winning the war!

  6. the civilians killed in this war were mostly by the hand of their own army and the impotence of these politicians and the western curators and by the way the real numbers are 427000 victims of which 390000 deaths in ukrainian army and this is without the numbers of the mass graves discovered by russian army and the 200000 who disappeared in the first months of this SVO

  7. It’s a pity Ursula Von Der Leyen couldn’t be deleted, she is one corrupt mother fu-ker, doesn’t want to explain the deal she did with the pharmaceutical companies regarding the useless vaccine.

  8. Von der Layer She talks about Russians as criminals. While the USA-NATO and the EU are indirectly killing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians right now. In fact our governments.

  9. of course they would edit the 100k dead Ukranian soldiers out, how else would they keep on funneling STOLEN money from the citizen's taxes to the Ukraine if they are not shown as "winning"?

  10. It’s so laughable, the absolute twisting and blatant lies they expect people to believe (which most do) and then just accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing .

  11. You might be surprised that Tinkle the Clown fell into a grift and is controlled opposition for…the WEF and the well-oiled global war machine. They would love to distract you from knowing that we are on the downslope of post-Peak Oil. FYI the WEF doesn't have a Green Fascist Agenda. They ARE Big OIl.

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