US ADMITS ‘No Idea’ What Ukraine Is Doing With Weapons | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar provide viewers an update about the Ukraine war against Russia in the Donbas region and how US intel has no idea what Ukraine is doing with American weapons and funding

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James Li:

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  1. Um, are we at war with Russia? It seems to me that pointing targets at another nation's military generals is an act of war? No? Then we really must be a scary bunch or the Russians could get tired of that and actually put on a full scale war.

  2. Watch, these MFers (Ukranian corrupt soldiers) are going to put all that sweet merchandise on the dark web and some of that shit will circle its way back to our streets. There was literally an instance in Chiraq were one of the gang members had a bazooka/stinger…I won't be surprised to see them used back here. Blowback after blowback, good ol' Uncle Same is throwing them throwbacks to the 80's. It isn't retro and cool yet, well not until one of our citizens (or a few of them or many) gets killed by the same weapons we ship to go kill "the others".

  3. Your missing the point. Ukrainians was shelling this area in the Donbass for 8 years and killed over 14k civilians. This war is speeding up the process of riding their nation of the pensioners and land owners who live on the lands their NATO masters want. Just think of it, there could be a Lindsey Gram air bases or a Hunter Biden Navel base. The international oil barrens could put up drilling rigs and sell gas to Europe there by cutting out Russian sells to nations like Germany a plan Obama spoke of in a interview while at the Olympic game in Sochi . Half of the supper slush funds come right back into the hands of corrupt politicians almost as fast as it can be shipped over there. Then their family members names show up as board members on Ukrainian government owned Gas companies like Burmisa. So those who start the conflict never share in the cost of wars but are always somehow the benefactors and reap the rewards. Its the peasants who die and the US tax payers who pay the bills.

  4. Krystal and Saagar are slowly coming to terms with the realities of this conflict. Instead of having the courage to talk or warn about those realities, It was unfortunate to watch them join in the msm narratives. It exposed who they really are and I guess there is no big difference between the "old and new mainstream".

  5. Russia's entire annual military budget is $66Billion, & The US 'alone' has given Ukraine $44+Billion in aide, & yet somehow Ukraine is "running out of weapons"???🤨 The War hustle is alive, & well🤬✌

  6. The money has already been laundered and put into the pockets of US oligarchs. Duh…. Get it right. Why does no one say the truth??? How is this not the most important talking point on earth??? Cuz you guys own Raytheon stocks??? Message to everyone living in the "west" YOU'RE BEING ROBBED!! THIS IS A ROBBERY!! No one gives a F about Ukraine. Just follow the money.

  7. Saagar. You're wrong again about Ukraine being around because of the U.S. and NATO…why can't you guys spend the time to get real info…also. Russia has not taken a hit to its prestige in world view. The true statement should be "the western, EU/US led media narrative" is saying Russia's prestige has taken a hit. Look closely at the endorsement that Russia has from India, China , Southeast Asia, the League of African Nations, Central America, Middle Eastern oil producers…easy to dismiss those nations (they don't fit our ides of democracies)….but in the world of realpolitic (sp) they are significant arbiters of a "world order" that is shifting. Good. Bad. Or otherwise…it's a very different world.The west doesn't want to see the reality.

  8. So we're just going to believe that intelligence doesn't know whats happening… no one gives away billions of dollars blind folded… of course u.s. knows whats going on….

  9. It was found before teh war that Ukraine was one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. I'm betting a lot of the weapons shipped to them is being sold on the black market. I may be wrong…but I doubt it.

  10. Saagar, you've answered your own question. Who all just lost their meal ticket with the withdrawal from Afghanistan and OWNS so many of the players in DC . . . . Hmm, seems like they've found their new "all you can eat" buffet

  11. its in NATO's interest to bog Russia down in Ukraine, even if Ukraine is losing

    The big picture for the US and NATO in general is that it doesn't really matter whether Ukraine wins or loses this war wherever that might end up on the spectrum; what matters is that Russia bleeds forces, equipment, resources, etc. on this war to the point that even if they succeed in their efforts in Ukraine, Russia won't have the capacity to wage another war on actual NATO countries, which Putin desperately wants in order to capture several geographic defensive regions across Eastern Europe.

    The problem isn't that we wouldn't be able to stop them; the Russians have thoroughly demonstrated their total logistical and tactical ineffectiveness and would be obliterated against NATO forces. The problem is that knowing they would lose, Russia would be forced to choose between a humiliating defeat and nuclear escalation to save face. So keeping the Russians from even having the opportunity to make that decision would be ideal.

  12. Smell the roses Moses. Ukraine is losing and they have to try and force a peace treaty before it gets worse. This article is the first of many in a series of finger pointing for blame.

  13. The US should have not sent Arms to the Ukraine. A lot of those weapons have been put on the Black Market and being destroyed by the Russians. The Ukraine is losing the war, any day now the Donbas will be liberated from the Ukra-Nazis State. Soon The Ukraine will lose half of its territory and will be a Neoliberal Landlocked Rump State based in Lvov. The Map is looking like what the late Stephen Cohen predicted. He was no fan of Putin. He just knew Russia real good.

  14. this is the result of over 200 years of dimwitted voters electing leaders who are leaders and not representatives. and are not even good or the best at anything. our representatives are basically elected the same way american idol is. except american idols have talent

  15. Are we still pretending the US hasn’t done everything it could to antagonize Putin into invading Ukraine?
    Unfortunately it is not working out as planned and now Zelensky must assume the role of
    fall guy/scapegoat for this latest failure in the many American proxy wars world wide.

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