US Admits Seizure of Russian Assets Is Illegal

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Don't you find it strange that Russia is not running around shouting about that seizure?

    Well, that's because we are waiting for the west to officially take away those digits in someone's computer. Thus we can officially start the nationalisation of the western assest here at home. The assets that are real. And that cost more than those held 300 bln. Like factories and plants.

    LIke the Renault plant in Moscow we have already took possesion over a couple of days ago. Well, it has not been nationalised officially. It was sold for like 1 cent to the Rus gvrnt. with a condition of never trying to get it back.

    Way to go, Johny!

  3. This country America is rotting from the inside out . It’s already a third world country that’s why they have to seize countries assets and lie and steal.

  4. Forcing Germany to abandon Nord Stream 2 and buy the much dearer US gas, was a main objective of the US-engineered war in Ukraine and the EU sanctions on Russia. The ordinary people in the EU,UK etc., will suffer lower living standards but their media blames Russia. For the corporate-controlled US fraudulently disguised as a 'democracy', everything is about money. Biden told the president of Ukraine to sack the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden or Ukraine would not get the $1 billion aid from the US. Hunter Biden and Zelensky are bankrolled by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Joe Bribe'em and Hunter Bio'den.

  5. Driven straight off the cliff, that's all the u.s. has been doing to themselves under Biden. The best thing that Trump did was expose all the interconnected intelligence behind people like clinton, the mainstream media and political schemes and operatives jumping back and forth in jobs connected to the media. Using race and gender for political gain….which is outright racist in of itself. Not being able to define gender, having men with wigs in their party. Pigs in lipstick. Calling women menstruating person's. The left are freaks of nature. Yes, it's blatantly stealing from russia their assets. It's simple like cheaters in playground games and the sanctions history has now become clear to so many u.s. citizens and nauseated them. Democrats are just desperate now….they are trying to do anything they can to use to say republicans are the bad guy….it's obvious what doesn't work for average americans….and they don't want democrats anymore…Hispanics and blacks are saying goodbye to a party they used to know.

  6. There are some videos with Oliver Stone which are very interesting and I think have correct informations about the russian relations even at times like 1917, like how the west is indeed hostile towards them for a long time. Also I think this time now is a short of face off period of the leaders, like untill now they did pretend at least to care about their own citizens. But probably connected to technology improvments, they will not need human workers that much if at all. So I think the true face is going to be shown more and more openly… If it seemed that they disrespect black people, or arabic people or so on, the truth is rather that they do hate all humans except their on circles. Also George Soros born in Hungary seems to hate the european people most, and wants to erase them as his biggest mission. I am hungarian and my personal observation is that there is some short of "cultural" arrogance that I think might be rooted from the roman empire times, that may lays behind the superiority they think they deserve. I think hungarians are also hated at a basic level around here because the Huns were strong enough to hit effectively the roman empire. Also for centuries other europeans did deny the truth of the hungarian history chronicles. Now science is proving them wrong, and so now they will finally must stop thier disguting BS about us.

  7. No, bro that is not theft. I say that is day light robbery!! Theft means you steal without the legal owner's knowledge, right. Robbery is take away your money, property, yacth or whatever with your knowledge.

  8. Let’s not forget the 7 billion in Afghani assets they outright stole to give to families affected by 9/11 which was utterly illegal. It’s not that India, Chinac Pakistan etc., think they’ve gone too far, it’s that they’ve finally went up a country where the effects will be in everyone else but the West’s favor if they stand together and against the west.

  9. The multipolar world is over the horizon and the US will be kicking itself for pushing things as far as they did.

    Trust in the West is evaporating, before their very eyes, and the rise of Eurasia is building up speed hence the reason the US is bumming up to Middle Asia with meetings there soon.

  10. piracy n slavery and bank usuary the oldest professions, but we overlook those crimes because of our exceptionalism…pinkies up mateys,,,the reckoning is coming sooner than later, no one will have mercy, because we have shown none

  11. America already Defaulted on 200 billion USD in Debt to Russia and 130 billion USD to China in the past 5 months.
    America already set the precedent that no one has to pay any national debts to America ever.
    This is not the first time they Defaulted on debts, they have defaulted on over a trillion USD in Debts total, over the past 60 years thus far.

    So, long as they don't desire to take out more money with America, based on America's own actions, the Precedent has been set no one has any obligation to pay their debts to America.
    Furthermore, America Does not Have legal Recourse to pursue the matter, until they have Settled their own debts to other nations.

    That being said, Unlike America who did a 320 billion USD default, I doubt Russia will default, because they are clearly more, Reasonable, and responsible than America.

    I am glad Janet has a brain though.
    Mainly, because if America did steal assets from a national bank.
    They would set the Precedent, that any nation can take any amount of the Assets of America's central bank, that they want, any time they want.
    Furthermore, there would have also been the Precedent set, that America would not have any legal Recourse to pursue the matter on any level.

    Just that America did this stuff to start calls into Question for most people, I think, that America is a bad place to keep your money, and never loan them any money.

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