US Begins Giving Up On Ukraine Proxy War – Eleanor Goldfield & Lee Camp

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Thank you producers! — William Fitz, Nicholas Carlough, Kyle K. Mann, Robin Laurain, Andrew Standfast, Orleny Silverio, FreeAssangeNow, Michaelynn Kyjonka, Medea Benjamin.


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  1. Lee and Eleanor, a very lovely couple!
    Got banned from one library for no return of books and not paying late fee.Always returned books on time ever since. Fine with witnessing a downfall of Capitalism as it’s trending in that direction! Dismantling Capitalism and it’s controlling death grip over our minds.

  2. The whole premise of Lee's show is to unravel the lies, propaganda, double speak and gaslighting. "We" falls under all of those. "We" can't point an accusing finger if we believe "we" are the ones doing it. Another thing Lee emphasizes is gov't control of the media. To read comments on any social media site it looks like most people are on board with what the regime is doing but we know they are mostly shills/bots, bought and paid for. But a lot of people still don't know that so it looks like the gov't is acting on behalf of the people. Could this be why people are so f_cking passive? To continue to use "we" when "we" are not acting as a unit is most certainly NOT a Moment of Clarity.

  3. The US proxy war in Ukraine is a "Let's poke the bear and let's see what he does" kind of thing. Well now we know what the bear would do if we poked him a bit more, and he got really furious with us. Military experts say Putin's boys haven't even used a third of their potential firepower in Donbass, and yet they're pounding Ukrainian forces to a bloody pulp as we speak. The US general who said "war is a racket" was bang on the money. Billions of dollars that could have ended homelessness in the US was sent to the most corrupt country in Europe and is being freshly laundered as we speak. The weapons the US and the EU sent can be bought on the dark web at knock down prices… It's all slush funds and gangster shit, folks.

  4. Oh no, no more Ukrainian winning the war and kicking Russians out? No? So blame Ukraine now cause Biden don’t want to admit that US LOST THE WAR and now want to wash their hands clean.

  5. You two are in such a huge confirmation bias bubble. Including most of your followers. Putin litterarly said two days ago exactly why he's invading, it's not because USA has magically influenced them to invade, that is an incredibly stupid theory by the way. Its about expansion, always was.

    “Peter the Great waged the great northern war for 21 years. It would seem that he was at war with Sweden, he took something from them. He did not take anything from them, he returned [what was Russia’s], “Apparently, it is also our lot to return [what is Russia’s] and strengthen [the country]. And if we proceed from the fact that these basic values form the basis of our existence, we will certainly succeed in solving the tasks that we face.”
    the Russian president said on Thursday after a visiting an exhibition dedicated to the tsar.

    If you guys are so anti-imperialist, I'm still waiting on you two say even one critical thing about russia (No, "I'm against the war buuuut…" doesnt count). It hasn't happend yet, but I'm waiting. I get that you are in USA and talk about things concerning USA, but this is just rediculus.

  6. Guys thanks so much for what you are doing! But can't you just look at each other when speaking to each other? There is NO need to keep your eyes on the camera… feels, to me, very distracting and unnatural and contrived…just saying…IMO

  7. You say, "we [as American's} have a responsibility to fix this". True. But YOU ARE THE PROBLEM because MOS TO US voted Trump who did NOT START WARS and actively sought peace. Then YOU and LIBTARDS threw a tantrum and cheated to impose pro-war Biden.

  8. He is lying. US/NATO were constantly coaxing Ukraine to increase its attacks on Donetsk and Lugansk right up to February 24, 2022 when Russia said enough, recognized both Donetsk & Lugansk and stepped in to protect them.

  9. If you do not like capitalism, chop off your head. You can then complain about italism. It is unbelievable that “the word nerd“ knows nothing about language.

  10. 29:00 – I think Lee is hitting on the unsaid quid pro quo here right, that Congress won't pass any of this shit so long as they continue to do a modicum of state censorship.

  11. Here in Philly, we have what is possibly the largest open-air drug market in the entire US. An open air slave market would probably be an improvement over our current situation.

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