US Closing Hospitals At Record Pace During Pandemic

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  1. In New Zealand we are building our ICU capacity because of the pandemic.

    However we had one of the lowest ICU beds per million in the OECD. A symptom from neoliberal policies in 1990s that were never rectified

  2. When you break down those numbers into percentages they don't sound so alarming. The numbers you've given us mean that 7.8% of Americans live in a county where there are no ICU beds and 3.3% of Americans live in a county with no hospital. There are lots of counties that are very rural with small populations so it makes sense that not all counties have a hospital, it also makes sense that some small rural hospitals don't have ICU beds given they are so small and it makes much more sense to send critical patients to larger hospitals.

  3. Thank you for pointing a spot-light on this nightmare. We gotta see it before we move to change it. Thanks for leading the charge. Now, let's move! Organize, protest, vote. Other solutions?

  4. The closings map might not be correct. I live in a rural area of Michigan, and our two main county hospitals closed in 2019, cutting almost 300 beds for the county. A new mega million hospital was built by the same Promedica company, who bought and closed the 2 other hospitals, to then open a hospital with only 58 beds. Now, with Covid, The Charles & Virginia Hickman Promedica is turning away patients due to "max capacity". The smaller "mega complex" of 58 beds was by design to limit any stay over patients due to insurance companies not having to pay. Going from 300 beds to 58 has seen an uptick in non related Covid acute deaths when accidents, ailments, disease has decreased in the county. Less beds mean more deaths, less insurance paying for beds, and Capitalism at it's best.

  5. Remember how they BS'd the whole country with pretending to NEED VENTILATORS BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS, when in fact, ventilation was contra-indicated by the Pulmonary Edema, and SHOULD NOT BE USED AT ALL !

  6. Just thinking aloud…Seems that not enough poor people and unproductive 'useless eaters' (Google the term) are dying. The establishment don't want healthcare etc available for the general population. Maybe it's their obsession with overpopulation; which drives such policies and is now in action on a global scale. At the root of it may be the fear of diminishing resources. The billionaire oligarchs want it for themselves. They don't want to be rationed and forced to share with the unworthy masses, do they?

  7. America where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughter? Don't you know we need you now? We can't fight alone against the monster (the Oligarchy, – Dharma). – Steppenwolf. People all over the World. United against the evil Fascist Oligarchy. Peacefull and loving but still not giving in non cooperation. We are so many. They are so few. Wake up and give them the middle finger.

  8. I don't understand why he keeps saying M4A would've saved over 200k+ people. How? It's illegal for ANY hospital to deny treatment for anyone regardless of their ability to pay. Where are these #'s coming from? M4A would be the VA on steroids and would tax the productive members of society out of existence. There's NO way to support that for 330M people and counting… NONE!

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