US Colonel: Ukrainian ANNIHILATION In Bakhmut

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US Colonel: Ukrainian Annihilation In Bakhmut

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  1. Russia has its own bombs that would destroy any inevitablee and everything they do at it so it's a waste of American money with a time It's a shame that these politicians envy Russia because it has oil and has oil resources instead of becoming a friend with the nation it decided to make enemies it's not good to make enemies not even in a neighborhood you live in and that's a fact

  2. If you look at where the railway lines are from Bakmut you will understand its strategic importance . My guess is that the route of that railway is one of the Russian targets . War is about logistics and armies move by rail.

  3. The collective West along with its media outlets should be held accountable for these crimes, it is shameful what they're doing to this country and its people, all for money, they could never get enough, the US congress should all be held accountable, these politicians are sick fucks.

  4. give Putin the whole world, he'll ask for more, give him the moon, give him Mars, he'll ask for more, if it's so good with Putin, go to Russia, you'll be well protected even from your own desires and aspired to the freedom to choose and something other than polytricks and oligarchs how the hell can the earth bear you

  5. I am tired to hear about Ukraine ! Why they don’t finish it by one bomb !? They will be always problem for the worlds peace any way and if the polish don’t like it , they can get one bomb too ! Why make everything so difficult . We are tired !!!

  6. I am tired of USA too and why people in USA never have any opinion about anything !? What they use their so called democracy for !? To gossip magazines !? Every body over there are very active in that part

  7. Soon they'lo send Nuland's seven plagues of Egypt into Russia, call it divine retribution and proceed to infect the whole of Europe and Western China in the process.

  8. If ever there was a war where one side should just have surrendered on day one the Russian Ukrainian Special Military Operation is it. With admitted 60,000 Russian Soldiers dead with probably many more Ukrainians dead and Ukrain damaged, who wins? I am surprised that Russia is still pulling it's punches even after losing 60,000 troops. What is going on????

  9. People of US thats one of the reason The World hates US hegemony. Живеем си с братята и ще продължим да си живеем. Поздрави от Балканите. Така е било и така ще бъде. Бог С Нами.

  10. Just to remind You, that although the Russian army has advanced a bit in the Bakhmut area recently, it has still not reached the main defensive lien of the Ukrainian army. The lossies of the Ukrainians have been big, but naturally the Russian lossies have been even bigger, because there has been several fortified defensive lines, against which the Russians have been forced to attack. The Ukrainians started to fortify Bakhmut already eight years ago. And the Ukrainian army has lots of artillery and rocket-launchers in Bakhmut. So far the battle of Bakhmut has continued for about 130 days, and during the next weeks we can expect these fights to reach their biggest intensity. But his war will not be decided in Bakhmut, but in Melitopol in the Zaporizhzhia province and in Crimea. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

  11. The US wants Russia to bomb part of Europe any place other than Ukraine to justify NATO bombing Russia, even though Putin said if Russian territory gets hit by NATO weapons Russia has the right to bomb London if it wants to, the US doesn't care if Russia destroyed Europe, but I think Putin would probably hit the White house first, lol.

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