US DEPLETING Artillery Warfare By Sending Weapons To Ukraine? Lt. Col Daniel Davis

Senior fellow and military expert at Defense Priorities Daniel Davis weighs in on Russia’s decision to turn to Iran to boost their weapons arsenal.

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  1. its because the demokrat party keeps sending the weapons to Ukraine i doubt is to weakens the US🇺🇸defense when it runs out of weapons and money💰💵..
    the demokrat will leave the US🇺🇸 EMPTY HANDED..

  2. rising… I posted this before. When you talk to a Lt. Col. in a non-military scenario like here. He is addressed as Colonel Davis. Not Lt Col Davis.

  3. Russia is almost depleted it’s arms, so it’s not a question of supplying Ukraine forever with US weapons. This guy is actually sounded off what Putin’s lobby is trying to plant in western MSM. If Ukraine received HIMARS two weeks earlier, Lisichansk wouldn’t have been occupied. The current tactic of boiling a frog is working for Putin. And the US must support Ukraine under the guarantees they were given by us in return for giving up nukes and destroying rockets (at the insistence if the US, mind you)

  4. This guy said in Feb that Ukraine would lose in a few days and they should surrender, he’s an idiot. Little rule here, retired LTCs are generally the lowest of all retired officers, they couldn’t get past O5 which is like a participation ribbon.

  5. What Daniel Davis said regarding depleting stockpiles in the west and the incapability of reproducing them is 100% correct. Infact so much so that RUSI published an article titled "The return of industrial warfare". I strongly encourage every westerner who's following the war to read this……

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