US Dismisses PEACE TALKS, Warmongering Media DOUBLES DOWN On Russia-Ukraine: Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim calls out members of the Western media who don’t want to see the Russian invasion of Ukraine end.

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  1. How American view of the situation. Maybe you should ask Ukrainians if they are ready for a peace, where they would have to cease part of their country. I can answer to you on behalf of them: There are no nation on Earth that would give up territory unless they are forced to do so. Especially after the amount of destruction and suffering they have already endured. This has nothing to do with military industrial complex or media's war hawkery.

  2. CNN News Crew was more like HOLLYWOOD ACTORS and ACTRESSES.. even it uses on the movies that's why i really don't trust and believed on that news agency because they are pro CONNING and INFLICTING DAMAGE.. CNN "Conning🃏News🎬Networth💵"..

  3. American who support a military actionneeds to know this is not a Cold War era in which Russia need to come near 80 nautical mile in us border for a attack now putin has the capability to wipe out LA, NY, WAS, whit just a button and war will be USA back yard
    This is what us is afraid of a war in its backyard

  4. 3:424:03 i think its all CON-nected to this PLANdemic because of the INVOLVEDMENT of the US government on many ISSUES..
    even those major country/countries outside US and those EU major FOOLitical leaders that been involved on PLANdemic..

  5. before the demokrat party were saying that Donald Trump was dangerous but Joe Biden was dangerous because of his impulsive thoughts and impulsive speech..

  6. Thank you Ryan! Letting Ukraine bleed is just as unfortunate as Ms. Albright found it worth it to have killed 500.000 Iraq children.

  7. 5:105:16 those entities that has STOCKS on the military industrial CON-plex only don't wants PEACE🕊️AGREEMENT.. just EXPOSED those entities out of the PUBLIC so that on the next ELECTION all of them will not gonna be VOTED if they will not get FALL UNDER the LAWSUITS..

  8. Totally disagree with the Anchor. Russia invaded Ukraine to steal it from its people. A peace talk that doesn't involve Ukraine keeping all its territory and Putin being placed in international custody is not a compromise I would make.

  9. Of course they don't want this to end. They could have prevented it by pushing Ukraine to be independent. Raytheon has missiles to sell and politicians want their stock buys to pay off. People don't matter to these politicians, it's all about money and power.

  10. I rarely agree with Ryan Grim but he is spot on with this.
    Anyone who is paying attention knows that the faction in Washington that was behind regime change wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. also wants regime change in Russia. The sooner peace is reached in Ukraine the better or else the U.S will have Ukraine fight to the last man in order to weaken Russia.

  11. US are worried that EU may base their decision on evidence that is now showing the true facts about what’s happening in Ukraine and the Zelensky government and Biden and their relationship, hopefully they will all face criminal/ war crimes. It’s all very sticking that US. Are willingly trying to stay art Ww3

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