US Dollar Could EXPLODE After Putin Demands Countries Use Ruble To Buy Oil

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Do any Biden supporters watch this? If so, can you please try and justify your vote? Power costs have doubled, gasoline has doubled and is on the way to 4x, so what has Biden done for this nation??!???

  2. Oh, so Russia is just asking for what America has had control of forever? I can't fault them for that. Honestly, the one thing I agree with Russia and China on is that America has been the center of the world for too long. The only reason why I am fairly passive about that problem is that a shift in the power scale might end up with the world in a worse condition, not because I think America isn't scummy for what they do.

    I would happily see America lose power if not for the fact that the other choices are worse by a considerable margin.

  3. Easy solution… have our government exchange dollars for ruple and buy gas lol…if they fail to do so, that means they don't have we the peoples best interest at heart and are tyrannical and should and will be overthrown by force

  4. Kudos on talking about this Russian demand to be paid in Rubles for their oil & gas, because it's a major story and very few are yet talking about it, especially in MSM. Further evidence of the lopsided reporting on what is really happening around this whole Ukraine mess.

  5. Lol. Look at what happens when any dictator tries to undermine the petrodollar. If the dollar loses its status as the leading reserve currency, the U.S. economy is screwed. That’s why the U.S. pushed so hard in the 70’s for the international oil market to be transacted in dollars.

  6. So, if eu can get gas and oil from elsewhere, free market, where does that leave Russia?

    Now, if Saudis switch to rubles that is a different story.

    I’m guessing US, with its Arab connections, assumes everyone will just switch to Arab oil/gas supplies that are currently dollar based.

    If will be interesting to see what Russia does if demand does switch from them to Arab sources.

  7. So I have over 70 grand in US dollars saved up and living in Germany. Don't know if I should convert it and sit on it or go on a spending spree. To YOLO or not to YOLO?… 🤔

  8. “Trump says mean things on Twitter”
    “Trump is going to get us in trouble with his flippant attitude”
    “Trump is making the US look like a laughing stock to the rest of the world”
    -Biden pissed both the Saudi’s by shit talking them at a climate summits and the Russians causing the US oil supply to dwindle to nothing

  9. Tim, you need to have an expert roundtable on new world order and the great reset. I understand that you are skeptical, however I think there is more to it than meets the eye. This needs to be moved out from the specter of conspiracy and looked at through the lense of what we can see happening. The great reset is real, and we are actively being transformed into a society that hates liberty.

  10. They want a Marxist/fascist, new world order, i.e., the merging of government and major corporations ruling over our lives with digital currency and social credit scores, while at the same time keeping us divided by placing people in groups of "oppressed and "oppressor." Enjoy your tyranny.

  11. I think you guys have been fooled a little into thinking that the voice that has been given to the lunatics is the main stream thinking now… Its clearly definable, the owners of the media have given the stage to the lunatics and it seems like they are a majority and they even believe they are the majority, and it is causing a massive divide…. in my opinion the divide as also an illusion, its more like a ripple…. but since the lunatics have the stage we all think they have power over our future and if we(the normal folks) let ourselves be fooled we will be walking into the civil war that the left wants…. their are 2 ways out of this, civil war or LET THE LEFT CONTINUE TO DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES POLITICALLY AND BRUSH OFF THE LUNACY. as far as what we would be fighting for in a civil war, its simple, The Constitution! its the parent document of liberty and it isnt going anywhere, the lunatics have tried to redefine it and it seems like some folks are duped into thinking it has been redefined lol. I dont think it can be redefined its to cut and dry. Ill be fighting for the same ideology i always have, my rock, my constitution and so will the ex-1,000,000 battle hardened veterans of 20 years of war who are still all gunned up lol… id be willing to bet that my 20,000 ex army ranger buddies and the current SOCOM soldiers will be fighting for the same value system. my advice is to stop feeling soooooo overwhelmed by what you perceive. your being spoon fed the idea that you are out gunned and its laughable to me!

  12. The fiat petro dollar has been waffling since the 70's when it no longer was backed by gold. Now with Biden as President the US dollar is no longer seen as being stable and stronger than others. Lose the Petro dollar and you lose your stronghold. Putin is pushing in that direction.

  13. Good Lord. What a disappointing conversation this was. It started out on topic and then devolved immediately into what I can only assume a conversation between a group of Alzheimer's patients would look like.

  14. Good for Russia. America has forfeited their rights to life. All by design so quit bitching about it. Bring on the suffering. You saved up all those bullets and you’re gonna end up using them on yourselves 🤣🤣👍

  15. Lets not forget that our own government sold America out. Big Corp bought our politicians, moved the jobs over seas for cheaper labor while completely destroying the cities around them and turning them into ghost towns. Lets not forget that our own government is so corrupt beyond belief, that Putin and Kim look like todlers compared to what the United States have done for DECADES. This is a war of resources, non mainstream scientists have been saying since the late 90's that we have pulled more than half of the world's oil. Any way, have a nice day everyone.

  16. This guest with the ridiculous mustache is a bit of a prudish, overly religious idiot. He makes good points and brings up valid concerns but undermines it all with "jeebus and MUH gud (specifically muh gud)".

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