US Gas Prices at Record High as US Bans Russian Imports: Advice on How to Deal with Bidenomics

He can’t blame Russia sanctions when the largest share of that rise was prior to the Ukraine debacle:

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  1. My fakebook is still full of divorced millenial upper class white women still acting like Biden and the left are doing good things in their interest. Millenial white women will not rest until the west burns and will turn around and blame it on you when they're being gang raped by 17 mongoloids simultaneously.

  2. But Styx, no more mean tweets. And we don't have a jerk for a President who insults people and says stupid things.

    ….. Okay we still have that, but he's mean to the RIGHT PEOPLE so it's okay.

  3. The rising gas prices is going to have a causality effect on the everyday cost of living and trade services expenses.
    In other words you better have a way to stop being robbed of your own property as I predict the cops are going to be flooded with all the call-outs for a crime in progress.
    The democrats green new deal has the US stage prepared for its world emergence…

  4. I can tell you as a person that has worked in and around the petroleum industry forever now like 45 years or so they are all about control and f**** you over the entire time by doing so you want one example this came about back in the early seventies they put everybody on unleaded fuel and they said we had to do it for our ecology and it was going to cost them more because they had to take the lead out of the fuel meanwhile the whole time gas comes out of the refining process unleaded to begin with they were adding lead to it so now they're going to charge you more to remove the lid you see what I'm saying the petroleum industry has always done this they have increased the demand and the price at the same time it's like in the summer time when people are going on vacation it always cost more for fuel imagine that they'll use a Refinery blowing up in Cincinnati or wherever to raise the prices they will use a pipeline rupture somewhere like Central Alabama to raise the fuel prices they will use any design Astor at anytime to raise the fuel prices do you understand what I'm saying here people? The problem now is the energy companies are under attack from this green New Deal their way of fighting back against it is cutting back on production it's not like there is less product out there the other thing is they have been capping off Wells all the way back into the sixties knowing that they will fill back up that is a truly crazy thing about this entire situation you can pump all the oil out of a Dome and then cap it off for a few years and it will fill back up it's like the Earth excrete oil but the oil industry is not going to tell that to you they're going to make you feel like they have to drill new wells everywhere all the time they cost of exploration is what they are feeding you but that is absolutely not true no more than the fact that you have got to have an electric vehicle that is totally bulshit to a Absolute Electric Vehicle will work great in a good climates but whenever you are in extreme cold batteries do not work very well for very long another thing they will not tell you the list goes on and on we have an abundance of tape fuel right here about the international Consortium will force all kinds of things on us oil companies are bigger than governments by the way

  5. Russia will destroy Europe. Italy will be destroyed, the pope will flee and the Russian flag will fly above the St. Peter’s dome. A great neutralizer will be dropped in the ocean, the UK and European coast will sink. The Fatima message.

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