US General admittedly worked with China behind President’s back

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  1. Talk about Australia.

    Look at Real Rukshana, Aussie Cossack, and Avi Yemini.

    I know you only have a small outreach on your second channel but I feel that freedom is important to you.

  2. You guys got a shout out on TIMCAST with Alex Jones tonight. That was cool I have listened to all your episodes. I love the laid back style and your format. You help me relax in all the noise. Thank you guys you rock. Zeducation is my wife and I’s Sunday morning Nancy Sun Rise Ritual. Much love god bless you guys. I hear gunshots in the wilderness night. Spooky.

  3. When all of the people in power can openly commit crimes and nothing other than becoming the butt of a sarcastic meme happens to them, well, I'm sorry to say, That's all folks! I really don't see a way we (as a Nation) can exist!

  4. For your conspiracy corner… perhaps those calls were to calm China’s fears concerning their involvement in stealing the election? Why else would they be worried about Trump attacking?

  5. China's CCP brags about how they control the real power in the USA's circles of power. Most of our government, media, academia, etc. is in partnership with China whether we like it or not. We will not find any help from within our own government on this issue.

  6. Why would we go to war when we’re at war with ourselves we have open boarders they’re carrying bugs that kill our plants and different diseases So they’re letting us kill our selves while they sit back and laugh at us

  7. Might need to stops aying nothing is going to happen to swamp dwellers. Instead encourage people to encourage people to flood law makers with phone calls,, letters,, and emails to hold these people accountable.

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