US Gov Admitted To Altering The Weather For Years

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  1. The reason the Colorado exists at all is because water runs into it, they have shut that down and it is disappearing for them. I live in CO and there will always be water here, but how much anyone else gets is up for grabs. Personally I think we should just cut off the SW US – if they want to live in a desert, let them live in a DESERT!

  2. The cloud seeding technology isn’t exclusive to the US. Other countries could potentially strategically divert rainwater – maybe denying moisture to North America- just saying

  3. 8:20 How about vacuum-driven toilets (the kind they have in some prisons) that would use, almost no water and produce almost no sewage? The waste itself would not be a big problem if it were just composted instead of being driven into the aquifer by gallons of wasted flush water.

  4. “ It lays the predicate and foundation for the development of a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world's cloud layer and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather will control the world ” – Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)

  5. Welcome to the party, Lee, I’ve been boring people for years with this subject, in the land of blue skies, New Mexico, I’ve had to watch planes turn them into muck.

  6. 14:30 "people of the world unite"?? People of the world don't unite, they fight. That's human nature, or for that matter, nature itself. Take a look at any ecosystem and you'll find non-stop fighting and killing.

  7. The earliest cloud seeding operations in the USA were before 1900 and there was even a cloud seeder sued in the early 1900s for supposedly causing a flood. The U.S. also tried to cause flooding to thward the Viet Cong in the 1960s. Is—ray–al admitted to weather modification a while back, but now claims that it never worked, which probably means it's working too well to admit. Iran brags about it, as does China. There's probably a lot more where that came from, and much of it is probably done in secret. In a place like the Middle East, competitive weather modification could easily start a war.

  8. You have the most intelligent videos of current affairs that leave people happy. They do notify you at the top of your phone of YOURS & all new videos that've just been posted IF you watch every time, rather soon, usually, but they rarely notify you about newly posted videos of channels you don't watch even if you have 'All' notifications selected for both. I'm sure there are still people who love you & don't know where you went.

  9. Yeah, I’m just as hardcore into protecting the environment and biodiversity as you’ve always been. But about 8 year ago I saw a freaking GRID of what for all intense and purposes were “chemtrails” over downtown Orlando. I knew that our mutual buddy Rick Overton believed that they were a thing, so I sent him a photo I took of it. He immediately sent me a photo of the same grid pattern over LA that he had taken just an hour earlier!! A friend of his then posted a similar grid over his town in Utah or Arizona or some such. It could not be mere coincidence. That’s when my total dismissal of those “crazy guys” was shattered!

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