US Gov Pretends To Care About Persecuted Russian Journalist

State Department spokesman Dan Price recently took to Twitter to express his displeasure with the deportation of Kyrgyz journalist Bolot Temirov, tweeting that “Journalists should never be punished for doing their job.” Which inevitably raises the question of why the United States supports the continued imprisonment and extradition of journalist Julian Assange, not to mention our ongoing cozy relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which savagely killed and butchered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Jimmy breaks down the rank hypocrisy exhibited by the United States in feigned concern for the welfare of foreign journalists.
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  1. They should get a Nobel Price for Hypocrisy!! Thank you Mr Dore for following all these disgusting stories and informing the public (more news here than you can find in the 'wonderful MSM')!!

  2. Nrd Price is a manicured Adams apple who fires out lies and hides behind the press officers podium at the State Dept. isn't he? What an embarrassment to have people of his quality running US foreign policy. The Pentagon crowd must just LOVE taking their orders from dweebs like him.

  3. "illegally deported" is funny to hear. can we talk about all the thousands of illegal deportations that the United States has carried out? literally kidnapping people from third countries.

  4. I've tried [and tried], but am still unable to wrap my head around how the US believes it has the right to extradite/prosecute a foreign citizen for treason. Journalist or not, he's Australian ffs. Explain it to me like I'm five years old.

  5. Dude Julian Assange and even Snowden are one thing. Julian has no legal or moral duty to The U.S and its secrets. Snowden exposed crimes committed against The American People. But lumping in Chelsea Manning?!?! That dude is a straight up traitor who should have been executed! You want to be a cog in a war machine? You want to be privy to state secrets? That's a commitment. You don't get to make those calls.

  6. Remember Andre Sakharov? Remember when that showed us we were the good guys? These days, the murder 'police' in Brit, manufacture Andre Sakharov's, & torture them to make them 'grateful to be dead', in their own home, incommunicado, indefinite.

  7. Russian Journalist?
    Isn't it interesting that the same outlet doesn't give a sh*t about Julian Assange and a ton of other REAL Journalists!
    I didn't look into the case, but IF THE STATE DEPARTMENT TALKS ABOUT ANYONE, It's one of their Agents or they need a news story in that moment!
    Let's see, if they keep talking about anyone (it's a indicator that the person is a intelligence asset)!
    Lock at the track record!
    Especially in the last 20 years!

  8. the book, secret power (see author on you tube) talks about wikileaks enemies are not protecting state secrets, they're shielding themselves from being exposed as criminals, THAT'S OUR GOV'T. EMPLOYEE's/representatives.

  9. Really, are you sure, do know what happened with Pakistani investigative journalist Arshad sharif and who arranged his murder with the help of who Jimmy? Please investigate and do an episode on it!

  10. THE MSM is lying, as always.
    There was nothing "unlawful" about the guy's deportation. Russia has an open case on him, and both countries have an agreement on police seeking and getting suspects. BTW, this guy is financed by the State Dept, of course, and was not really about the "corruption", but rather regime change propaganda and calls to break the law, not similar to what real journalists like Assange do.

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