US gov’t backs Ukrainian kill lists targeting journalists, kids

Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector and ex-Marines intelligence officer, joins Max Blumenthal to explain how the US has supported online kill lists maintained by the Ukrainian government. Blumenthal and Ritter address the malign objectives behind their own inclusion on such lists.

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  1. Dog barking is so distracting and irritating. I want to listen a second time because this is new info for me….but won't because do not care to strain to hear over the barking dog. Good grief. A little professionalism please.

  2. If there's a little girl on a Nazi "kill list", it's your personal moral duty to get on that list higher up than her. Expose the scum who did this, make sure everyone knows. And if your own name isn't on that list yet, you DIDN'T DO ENOUGH.

  3. Grayzone, get it straight! And pass the news along to Scott Ritter: TAXES DON'T FUND SPENDING AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL! Stop Lying! Stop saying "the taxpayers' dollars"!
    And learn Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)! All ordinary Americans need to learn how our monetary system works so that they can protect themselves from the lies of the politicians. The wealthy certainly understand it and use it to their benefit. They rely on the ignorance of the people to keep it up.
    You could be a voice to help the people protect themselves from this scam.

  4. I have been stuck with this contradiction of Scott saying he is a patriot who will fight for his country. He even speaks to the part of the constitution that says defend against foreign & domestic threats. And he like all others who speak out about the malicious malfeasance done by our so called Government. Still Scott seems not to have come to the conclusion that his government is the enemy. And this is the problem with all patriots. They bitch about the government and point out the bad things the government does. But never seem to actually use the rights given them in the constitution to actually take the traitors out in the Government. Which we know is run by the highest bribers in the private sector capitalist..And the so called "Elected Representatives" of Governments. When will the 2nd amendment rights be used to take back our Republic and install a righteous Democracy. That actually does what the definition of A Democracy is supposed to be. Less talk more action. The FACT that the so called Government is making rules to use against Americans in Congress. And doing other criminally malicious acts at home and abroad. Should be more than enough to bring us together to overthrow the violently oppressive criminal ruling establishment.

  5. This video should’ve seen by all those brainwashed American/ westerners that keep bringing up the argument of the west has freedom of speech or claim there is no information suppression in the U.S.

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