US Has CONFIRMED BioLabs In Ukraine, Russia And China Claim US Is Funding Bio Weapons Research

US Has CONFIRMED BioLabs In Ukraine, Russia And China Claim US Is Funding Bio Weapons Research. But the claims may be based on fear or an attempt to manipulate the war with propaganda.

Ukraine does have biolabs and the US has provided assistance in upgrading and constructing some biolabs. But the US claims this was for food safety and consumer protection and not weapons.

It does seem that the US was researching pathogens and now according to Victoria Nuland the US fears Russia could get its hands on their research.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Imagine Russia had bio “research facilities” in Canada and Mexico. Do you think The United States would be nervous? Can we agree to stop making virus’s more deadly ffs

  2. EU politicians Guy Verhofstadt and Hans van Baalen jeered the public on to revolt against Russia in exchange for EU membership, later spun as just an economic treaty. They dangled a carrot in front of Zelensky and he took it, but they overplayed their hand since they have nothing else to offer them..

  3. If people want this to stop, then the people need to remove the people in charge and all these companies that have supported all this suffering all so these people in charge can keep their power and money, BLM, FEMINISM, all this crap about how many sexes there are, MGTOW and so on, all distractions to keep us fighting each other and keep our eyes off of them, I wish people all over the world would just tell them to go fuck themselves, but people would rather live in a lie than face to truth.

  4. Virologists speak of putting "vaccines" or more accurately, germ therapy into food, as well as into HVAC systems in the form of arousal spray. Now, is that benign?

  5. Dude! Your being to forgiving here. She literally did not deny nor correct Rubio's use of the word "weapons." She was very aware of the word and answered she was " concerned about Russia obtaining those facilities and were already working with the Ukrainians to secure those facilities. As if the Ukrainians have any free time to bother with " food" research.

  6. Screw this sensationalist hand wringing Pearl clutching rabble rousing. UnSubbing finally.. I don’t need to listen to a bunch of pontificating people waxing philosophical like a high school BongRip session.
    Tim Pool is basically the National Enquirer of the internet. 🤮. Have fun

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