US Hits RECORD HIGH For Daily COVID-19 Cases, Delta CEO CAUGHT Asking CDC To Half Isolation Time

Team Rising discuss reporting that the CEO of Delta asked the CDC to shorten its COVID-19 recommended quarantine time before the official policy change.

Walk-up testing site image courtesy of AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin.

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  1. That guest seems to have learned nothing over the last two years. After all that back and forth and admitting that trump basically was correct on Covid, he still says it’s too bad we couldn’t all come together and defeat this virus on a global scale. As if nobody was doing anything. I get that you hate trump, but after 2 years and you still think this virus was beatable, just shows what a bias hack he is.

  2. The one constant fro the Trump to Biden has
    been FAUCI! Nobody seems to hold Fauci
    Responsible. He doesn’t have a clue and says one thing, then another…..He’s the problem.
    Fauci needs to steps aside and we need to hear from true science and doctors!!!
    I don’t blame President Trump but he should’ve fired Fauci once he started setting rules then backtracking!!
    Faith we need to have faith not fear!!!

  3. Liz wolfe. Propaganda or political? She wants to hold Trumps feet to the fire because she believes he should have xyzed and things wouldn't have gotten so bad. But many countries are xyzing, even taking people from their homes into quarantine and it's not working. Emotional devistation, suiside, income loss etc.. have reach proportions so high that they are ignored. Every day for 2 years we have watched the destruction of every part of our lives. So whatever girlfriend!
    I can't stand to finish listening. Maybe later she admits that Biden has had almost a year and not much is different. Plus he promised he would get rid of it and cure cancer!
    I think it's time to stop focusing on the bs and start actively seeking the truth from people who are doing the work and not making policies, benefitting financially or holding office.

  4. The woman on the lower right made a lot of sense later on, but I can't figure out what she meant in the beginning when she spoke of "testing our way out of this". The prevalence of Omicron is so high that knowing who is and who isn't infected for tracing purposes is futile, and many experts said that even the wild type and earlier variants made a joke of contact tracing efforts. I don't even see the point in trying to stop Omicron, anyway, other than hospital fears of being overrun if the curve isn't flattened, but it seems that most "Omicron" hospitalizations are coincidental, and clearly not excess hospitalizations, and many of them are probably not really necessary, even if SARS-2 symptoms are the actual reason for hospitalization.

  5. No, he isn't an expert. Get off Twitter and actually research peer reviewed papers. Dr McCullough is correct. Dr Robert Monroe us correct. Dr Michael Cohen is correct. And above all, gid is always truth and Life and the Way. Live according to repentance, forgiveness, and compassion

  6. We gonna just pretend that the CDC didn't say to no longer test anyone leaving the 5 day" quarantine because the "test" will be false positive for up to 12 weeks… How many "cases" do you think that would negate if that standard was held universally (which it should be)

  7. Kim always missing in those covid discussion. And ryan is not allowed to counter kim when she is speaking non sense about vax. She says she is for it and then give all the reason not vaxx or follow step. Restaurant are a luxury

  8. These tyrants found the perfect tool to execute their nefarious plan"
    They used a recently deceased nobel prize winner biochemist invention only to be used for research purposes only, and turned it into a diagnostic tool in order to justify the existence of this so called virus"

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