US hits the million cases

Massive increase in cases as we expected

US cases and deaths data




New York


UK data


SA hospital data

Schools go back

Omicron did not establish in schools pre-holiday

Pathogenicity of omicron

No infection, no vaccine

One third drop in risk of hospital admission

Two thirds drop in the risk of dying from Omicron


NSW, cases, + 23,131

Positivity, 27.24%

Hospitalised + 140 = 1,344

ICU, + 10 = 105

Ventilated = 27

COVID positive patients admitted to ICU since December 16, delta = 72%

Of those patients, 62% not vaccinated or only one dose

Regional Victoria

It is like our government has thrown its arms in the air

But now it is ridiculous how far the polar opposite we have gone, it is night and day!!!

Now we have a wildfire of COVID here in the Alpine Shire.

Very limited testing, delays on PCR results

Rapid Antigen tests, SOLD OUT !!! can’t get them

A close contact definition, same house, more than 4 hours

I could go on for several paragraphs with further details on how crazy it seems to have become down here in Australia

in the coming weeks I would think we will see an explosion in cases here Victoria & especially Melbourne

Darcy in Victoria

SA, J and J works

Vaccine effectiveness against hospital admission in South African health care workers who received a homologous booster of Ad26.COV2 during an Omicron COVID19 wave

Ad26.COV.2 vaccine

N = 477, 234 HCWs

6-9 months after first dose

N = 69,092 HCW (evaluated)

VE for hospitalisation (post boost)

Compared to unvaccinated individuals

0-13 days, 63%

14-27 days, 84%

1-2 months, 85%

JCVI, Sir Andrew Pollard,

Fourth jabs should not be offered until there is more evidence

Giving boosters to people every six months not sustainable

At some point, society has to open up.

When we do open, there will be a period with a bump in infections, which is why winter is probably not the best time.

But that’s a decision for the policy makers, not the scientists.

Our approach has to switch,

to rely on the vaccines and the boosters.

The greatest risk is still the unvaccinated.

The worst is absolutely behind us.

We just need to get through the winter.

Misinformation (AZ)

One year ago

Some European leaders

(France and Germany, efficacy on the over-65s, risk of blood clots)

highly likely to have cost lives in Africa

Misinformation risks people’s lives.

It’s highly likely that people became seriously ill and died because of vaccine misinformation

Let’s just say that comments made in mainland Europe affected people in Africa

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Dr Campbell, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that when you say Omicron spreading so rapidly is producing "huge levels of community immunity" you say it with no evidence to back this claim up.
    The next variant that comes out may evade omicron immunity completely just as omicron evades delta immunity.
    Also the population of the UK is almost 70 million. With 400k infections a day as you said, even if it increases exponentially, that still gives it months to spread through the population not just 2 to 4 weeks.

    Please address this issue because with all due respect you are spreading misinformation with that claim as there is no evidence for it.

    I greatly appreciate the work you do with keeping everyone up to date but it is important to stick to the facts and not get overly optimistic (and then overlooking the potential threat)

  2. UK has decided that if you test positive on rapid test there is no need for a confirmatory PCR test. That will be in the UK the end of any meaningful covid data collection. Individuals would be required to upload their PCR test results which we and they know won't happen.

  3. New COVID variant discovered in December from a traveler coming from Cameroon into France!!!

    The new virus is called,
    B.1.640.2 Hasn’t been named yet!! It is another variant of Covid.

  4. This is now heralding the end of this virus, although it doesn't suit many vested interests, especially Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the WEF and others! Really time that common sense overrules vested interests. Time the world wakes up!

  5. Dear Dr Campbell, what are your thoughts on the new IHU variant recently identified in South East France and believed to have been brought in by someone arriving from Cameroon (apparently there are 12 cases so far)? Is IHU likely to be able to compete with Omicron? Is it of concern in light of the news that the British Government is considering waiving the requirement for a negative PCR test before travelling to the UK?

  6. Dr. John, I haven't been sick in a couple years and I'm not vaccinated. I feel that the fact I take a shot everyday of apple cider vinegar, vitamin D-3,iron,and a multivitamin along with my daily medicine of Warifin, fenofibrate160mgs,rovastatin,irbesartan, allopurinol 300mgs. has kept me from getting Covid and it's variants. And I'm considered obese and have COPD ! And have been around two octarians that were diagnosed with Covid yet I never got sick ! So how many people have never been sick from any variant of Covid ?

  7. Any reason for ommiting the hospital and icu admission data for New Zealand? Asking only because this data is available. Have been watching on the our local news each day. Is there a bias in data collected in nz or another reason? Thank you again for ur hard work, it has helped so many and will help bring truth to our governments, especially our govt in nz.

  8. With you Ron , country NSW , station open 9-10 am , but will test if people there . Now have vehicles from all over Aust. and 2 cases in different shops where I went in 3 days , none over the last 2 years , seems to be working well ? Pity we can't do the Ivermectin thing , but the president of the ama doesn"t know what it is ( what about the Hippocratic oath ? ) A lot of real Doctors are upset with that !!!

  9. Now in Sweden if you've had covid two weeks prior you are still forced to get vaccinated to get your freedoms back. They're still saying you can get a proof document for having had covid but they're also saying that the positive PCR test required to get one of those documents has to be taken by medical staff at a hospital or healthcenter and they dont do tests there anymore, at all.

    Bottomline is in order to get your freedoms back you need to get less protection against covid because somehow that is better and the only diffrence is compliance.

  10. In Australia well over 90% of alleged covid patience were submitted to hospital because of other reasons. Think outside the square, mate!

  11. I'm from South Africa and can say infection are much higher than what the data shows this is due to 2 factor's (1) we have to pay to be tested
    (2) poverty .
    It cost around R900 to be tested for an average man that just to much and for people that live hand to mouth daily at around R150 it's just impossible to be tested for them . So poverty and the cost of being tested makes it impossible for lots to be tested .
    South Africa is now benefits mostly from natreul herd immunity as our vacation rate is low . Every body I know family and friend has by now been sick with Omicron were as with delta only 10% if people I know was sick .

  12. Casedemic – the CDC admitted last year only 6% of covid deaths are "froms" rather than "withs" – open society – protect the vulnerable. Let's end all this fear mongering and tyranny.

  13. lol… I basically don't go out in public – no fear at all – no transmission either. (I see COVID pts nearly daily) just to lessen risk and reduce my transmission load.. Better to let others cause disease spread, not me. lol..

    We will survive this – some not so , others oh-so….DV in situ- oh

  14. WHY don’t you compare these influensa Numbers with previous years Before This masshypnosis?

    I know for a fact that in Sweden it is always issues during:

    And at least 3000 ppl dying Every year from a flu virus!!

    Leta get some perspective, yes? 😱😱

  15. Thanks you for this update of the omicron-invasion.
    I have a question about blood-groups: could it be possible that different blood-groups have a different reaction ?
    I heard that, for example, people with bloodtype O are better "harnassed" against viruses in general.
    Do you have any info about this in relation to covid ? Thanx in advance ! Greetings Jos,. Amsterdam.

  16. Brit living in France here: I must have missed something. What's the deal with Macron's comments on vaccines? Are the brits offended that Astra Zeneca was (correctly at the time) identified as less effective than Pfizer and Moderna? I'm pretty sure that I knew that thanks to one of your videos, M. Campbell. Let me know what I missed.

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