US Inflation at 9.1% – The Highest In 40 Years

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US inflation surges to 9.1%, a forty year high.


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  1. The problem with government inflation figures is they are under estimates like in The U.K. The average price increase on everything is around 15%…rents food fuel energy etc Not whatever inflation figure we are at this quarter

  2. Umm …. more like 18% PLUS !!!

    Measuring it how they used to back in the 70's & 80's !!!!

    Change the method , get the outcome you desire so that the masses stay asleep for just long enough and then … WHAMMO !!!!


  3. This Country has too many Parasites
    It doesn't matter what the RBA does in this Country, the Parasites have spoken & they want more Free stuff & the Government needs to take from the Producers to give the Parasites their Free stuff

  4. People don’t realise 70% of bank’s funds come from money markets overseas that’s why big 4 banks interest rates are or ready at 5% the RBA is just looking so stupid for leaving it so long 😉Canada last night put interest rates up 1 % yes 1% in one go the fun only just beginning 🫢😳😮😀👍⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️up we go

  5. O snap really heise o thought you knew that the CPI print is grossly "hedonically adjusted " to hide inflation. USA inflation is around 17%. In 1980 it only got to 14.5%

    This is way worse

  6. Hey Florian and guests, the Austral Lien government has guaranteed me 17 million $ from Prince Olajukian from Lagos Nigeria. Would you also like the same amount from this princess with his Austral Lien gov approval? It comes with a 9% inflation rate, he he..

  7. In reality Australia is the same. Fuel..40% higher than 12 months ago, food 50% higher than 12 months ago and electricity 40% higher than 12 months ago….. That's the reality. I don't see anything but a complete depression in our economic future.

  8. I am on a pension, I need $50,00 extra every pay day to do the shopping, so, a few things
    are wanting, this is not the end, just the beginning, perhaps people now will appreciate
    and live simple, I was born in 1947, so, I know how to do my cooking with a bit of imagination…

  9. As the FED raises rates , prices will go higher .
    It's been the ever lower rates and the ever expanding size of large consumer goods chains creating lower consumer prices.
    The FED lower rates created deflation , the higher rates will have the reverse effect .
    The FED now is trying to tame inflation with a stronger US $ for the US economey, its a recking ball .

  10. Its the Russians man….all their fault….China also was secretly spying on the US in one of their new high tech boats that can perform 'cyber attacks' and cause inflation! Wow

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