US Inflation Expected to Hit 8.3% for March… BIDENOMICS!


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  1. While America has been trying figure out which letter to add next to the lgbt acronym. China and Russia have been building an economic system based on industrial commodities and real world goods. If Russia can take control of Ukraine ports they have control of OPEC's grain imports.

  2. 81 million "legitimate" votes.

    Trump legitimately earned the votes of a grand majority of counties.

    What's that old robot saying? DOES NOT COMPUTE? The other robot saying is CONTROL ALT DELETE. That's what America needs NOW.

  3. And don't forget the fertilizer shortage we're not going to be able to grow our crops this year the most of the farmers in my area or really really terrified. The government is using that farm relief bill to pay Farmers to not grow food because there's not enough fertilizer. And just to clarify very quickly in the hole globalist schema Russia and China were producing 95% of the world's potash and phosphorus so the sanctions against those countries by Joe Biden's Administration or should I say raising him even Obama won't look at him yeah

  4. Ole' Country economics. Cash your payroll and put it between two mattresses. Pay cash and keep ALL your receipts even after 5 years. Everyone laughed at them. Who's laughing now?.

  5. You're all blaming Biden. Stop it(yeah he's terrible) but you need to look higher. Blame the Federal Reserve. They're not Federal, they have no reserves, they're a private corporation designed to steal the value from your currency, which they create out of thin air. Every dollar they create must be paid back with interest. Wake up.

  6. I grew up dirt poor, going to bed hungry poor, this is where my survival skills shine. Thanks to Styx I've also been preparing for months, buying extra stuff when there is a sale here and there without spending too much extra.

  7. American voters care about plenty of things but 2 issues stick out above the rest: am I and is my family safe and how is my wallet? On both counts, the Dems have screwed the pooch. I can't wait for November.

  8. I am seeing frozen vegetables in the store that were grown in Turkey, and China. Why in hell would you ship food halfway around the world to a country that grows more than enough to feed itself?

  9. The treasury yield curve inverted recently, this has a 90+% accuracy in predicting recession historically (The yield curve means a 2 year treasury bond is worth more interest than a 10 year, this happens when investors see massive risk in the system).

  10. Thank God we don't have any more of those mean Trump Tweets, i'd take being bent over an economic barrel and violently rammed hard and dry in my wallet then a mean Tweet.
    ANYTHING but mean Tweets
    For all you idiot Biden voters that was called sarcasm.

  11. "Customer used to buy $80 worth of groceries now buys only $60 worth of groceries."

    Shit… I used to buy $80 worth of groceries, now I buy $100 worth and am taking home less goods!

  12. Inflation is much much higher than that. I don’t know what store only has 8.9%? Drop the name in the comments I’m sure others would like to go and shop there. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Worst part about inflation is that the number is not the real number consumers are suffering under. Real consumer inflation is over 30 percent. Worse when you consider the devaluation of hard currency.

  14. economy is simpler than people think, the trick is what direction the consumer heads when they react. we know dems want the gdp below 2% and they'll want to widen the margins during the biden administration in case they lose in 2024

  15. 8.3% using the “revised” inflation formula. Using the same formula from the carter era show a much, much worse situation.

    Then forecast what a rise in interest rates would mean and it’s crystal clear we are in for some rough times.

  16. This one YouTuber named JustTheFacts says that inflation is actually good because you can coast through it by living on debt (since interest rates will be lower than inflation in most cases)… what do you think about that?

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