US Inflation His 7%, Highest Since 1982: Let’s Go Brandon!

Prices continue to soar:

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  1. Well, I've moved over half of my formerly liquid assets into gold and silver. The transaction fees seem outrageous (11%) but I think in the end they will prove a wise expenditure. After all I made 33% in Trump's last year alone. I've left some cash in my IRA holder's miserly grasp to invest into the stock market if it collapses in a Wiemar style destruction of the economy, if the Fed refuses to really act against the inflation rate which as everyone knows is badly understated.

    The Fed will act though the quarter point increases being bandied about are just a joke in preparation for a Volker Maneuver which I believe is inevitable to catch the interest of the business community who seem to just be going about business as normal with one big difference. They are destroying our fiat currency at the behest of the Biden Empire and its spend, spend, spend but never-tax lunacy.

    I don't think a Wiemar collapse will happen as it should require more than the three years left in the current criminal organization's term of control of the people's oval office. Still, the Biden Empire is more hypocritical than the Wiemar Republic, perhaps that will cause a quicker collapse? Anyway, as long as civilization itself doesn't collapse under the weight of such hypocrisy which engenders distrust I should be all right. At least I hope so. The complete collapse of Western Civilization is a definite possibility, though of a low but rising one. Lower than an American Style Wiemar Maneuver as I term it.

    Noble Gold can move a part of your IRA into gold and allow you to continue avoiding taxes, now even, the inflationary one. Unpaid endorsement. I paid them after all. Those gold bugs are actually reasonable if you think about it. They have to make a living also. 11% is a lot smaller markup than most goods or services command though higher than most financial transactions, I withdraw the adjective outrageous and just say, ouch! Gold is a commodity but if that ridiculous IRA holder had just had an S&P gold fund, all would have been easy peasy, do as you pleasy. I hate's them, I hate's them forever, Gollum.

    God Bless You All, Don't forget to say your prayers sugar.

  2. Here’s what I’m starting to think;
    Eventually the psychological aspect of inflationary pressure takes hold and it’s just game over, it always happens and people dump money ASAP out of fear of devaluation.

    EXACTLY what the “digital” currency does, it’s a wallet that intentionally decreases in value over time for the sole purpose of the citizens dumping the money into the economy. Even better the “digital” currency has a way of preventing people from accumulating assets that hold wealth.
    You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.

  3. He said the quiet part out loud already. When addressing inflation he said that inflation is supply and demand. You can either increase supply to meet the demand, OR YOU CAN MAKE THE PEOPLE POORER TO DECREASE THE DEMAND.

  4. I fucking told people that the gas prices had nothing to do with Biden. They went down towards the end of november through december because people travel more during the holidays and the oil companies produce more to meet the expected demand. Thats why they went down and now that its january they're climbing back up again as the oil production goes back to normal.

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