US Inflation is at a Thirty Year High for October… Let’s Go Brandon!

Bidenomics continues:


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  1. Would you be saying this if Trump was still in office? Youd be having this inflation regardless of who is in office right now. This is a direct consequence of turning on the money printer last year and giving everyone stimulus checks.

  2. If we are not in "stagflation" yet, then we should be soon.
    Since my earliest recollections as a child: Every time we had a recession, it was preceded by some degree of inflation. The worse the inflation, the worse the recession.
    There seemed to be some rough correlation between the two.
    This is likely due the the accumulation of DEBT through this whole boom/bust cycle.

  3. If people would get off their butts, right now is a great time to find a wonderful job. If you take a look around almost everywhere is hiring. If you are smart you need to take this opportunity immediately! Never again in history will so many companies be hiring at a time like this..

  4. this is how poor citizens have been feeling for decades. When we struggle to pay for rent, school and medical we’re told to get a second job or a better paying job. Welcome to the club everyone, get to work.

  5. I predict a year from now the government is going to be bringing in a lot less tax revenue. Being that the dems will still be in charge at that point, they won't cut spending, but will raise taxes and print more money.

  6. Styx increased unemployment insurance ended in early September, most are back to getting 50-60% of wages before taxes. All the people laid off because they refused the vax are unable to draw unemployment insurance despite most paying into it for years in most cases. Because they are not drawing unemployment they are not listed as unemployed plus all the people who lost jobs during the Covid lockdowns, many had their employers close down for good and they have run out of unemployment so thus are not counted as unemployed either so at this point the real unemployment numbers are probably sky high and they are only going to get higher as more are laid off for refusing forced vaccinations. At this point most companies are only hiring vaxxed people making both the unemployment problem worse and the labor shortage worse as well, that is probably the first time in history we have had a situation like that.

  7. The disconnect of government elites and the unwashed peasantry is on brazen display. They don't care and they don't care that you know they don't care. After all their Pfizer, Moderna and Amazon stock is soaring. It must be nice to be able to rig the system, lie your ass off and still rob people blind. Then get reelected lol

  8. Buy nothing other than what you absolutely need. Hopefully your teeth don't go bad your vision become clouded and your general health doesn't deteriorate. Buy the Neptune Society burial plan cremation instruct your loved ones, your final wishes that your ashes are put in Chinese take out boxes then flown over the neighborhood with a drone then emptied hopefully while everyone's barbecuing.

  9. I don't get why anyone could see these results and think that it's a good thing, at what point does reality finally pierce through their thick skulls and show them that things are not ok.

  10. This is my first time seeing any of your videos great content btw. But I’ve gotta ask, and I say this with the utmost respect and in no way am I looking for trouble sohere it goes… Are you related to Razorfist? You seem like his extremely calmer half brother or cousin!

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