US Inflation Soars to 9.1%… BIDENOMICS!

Bidenomics working as intended:

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  1. The USA could not afford Democrats in charge ever again. I was hoping we would get another 4 years of Trump and buy me a little more time. By the time 2024 rolls around it's gonna be too late, so unless Red Team somehow gets landslides in the midterms and immediately impeaches Kamala and Joe things are gonna get real ugly.

  2. Saw all this coming years ago. Just wasn't sure what the catalyst would be. We'll probably look back and realize that inflation is closer to 15-20% right now. Ultimately, the establishment just wants us more dependent on them. God forbid you have any survival skills at all.

  3. I think the real inflation numbers are close to 20%
    The way they calculate the inflation numbers leave out things like housing and food things everyone needs and the cost for these have shot up like wildfire

  4. Calling them trailer trash isn't fair at all man. Poor white people get their asses sent to prison for behaving the way those people do- with the quickness. I remember ol tucker saying "yea I know hunter, when we lived in the same neighborhood (think gated community) I got to know em a lil bit". That's maybe slightly paraphrased, but absolutely the gist of what he said… That "class" of people do whatever TF they want to do. This country is just as bad and corrupt as any other country. If you've been lucky/fortunate here, count yer blessings… because it's simply that. The poorest ethnic group in the country remains Appalachians, most of em are toe heads; so I don't wanna hear it

  5. When trump was President he pressured the fed to lower interest rates and the fed printed 3 trillion dollars over his 4 years as president (most in 2020 but it started BEFORE the lockdowns due to the repo bust and was accelerated by the lockdowns). Trump played a major role in this inflation and Biden is making it worse and that’s just the facts

  6. What we are witnessing is the implementation of MMT under a president who likely doesnt even know what it is. Most Democrat voters are clueless about this economic philosophy as well. But, as both parties are prone to do, social issues are used to appeal to voters in order to institute an economic agenda…………Even MMT'ers know that without monetary controls, (usually through taxation) inflation is inevitable

  7. So many people are completely unaware that harvest season on just started like yesterday, so all the impact of fertilizer on food prices is really only starting.
    We've only see speculatory price increases on food as a result of the fertilizer shortage but no actual reduce in supply as a result yet.

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