US intel officer targeted by John Bolton reacts to coup-plot confession

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In a live interview with CNN, former senior US official John Bolton admitted that he has “helped plan coups d’etat” in a number of foreign countries, including Venezuela.

Fulton Armstrong, a former senior US intelligence official, has a unique perspective on Bolton’s coup confession. In 2002, Bolton unsuccessfully tried to have Armstrong removed from his post after the US intelligence community refused to back Bolton’s allegations of an advanced Cuban biological weapons program.

Armstrong joins Aaron Maté to discuss his personal experience with Bolton and perspective on the legacy of US-backed coup plots, from Venezuela to Haiti, that Bolton candidly admitted to.

Guest: Fulton Armstrong. Former National Intelligence Officer for Latin America — the U.S. Intelligence Community’s most senior analyst. Also a former CIA analyst and senior staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Currently a Lecturer at American University’s School of International Service.

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  1. He,s still active trying to get america to push for war with Iran because of his hatred of that country he hides in Israel arranging that terrorist country to attack Iran, this thing should be in prison for a long time.

  2. John Bolton is such a narcissistic POS. He has always used the "I" word WAAAY too much everywhere. When he was put in the Trump Administration, he went over the top crazy with his ego. I'm a conservative and I've never been able to like one thing about his personal. He always came across that he definitely knew it all. After entering Administration, no wonder he was gone in no time. I can't imagine how much he perceived his power level was. Must've gotten on everyone's nerves for sure.

  3. Continuation of aging life, basic description being walking into the future as developing more moderness which is the grace of peace, as if the pathway to that is morbid waste, as if peace is actually a fictional fantasy future

  4. John Bolton and His ILK are an International Menace! Give them their Own place on Earth to play their Spy Games with Each Other until these World Problems are Solved! Excellent Report Mr Mate & Mr Armstrong, thanks So Much! Wage Peace and Give Laissez-Faire a Chance✌️❣️🙏

  5. Simulating leadership walking humanity itself into the future, going through the motions of actual leadership into the modern grace of peace by the handful of ghouls with access to funding, just like real profit experts

  6. That any people exist who have the fortitude of self righteousness to disrupt another country's government is disturbing and likewise destroy the lives of the innocent citizens.

  7. "not here" … 🤣🤣🤣
    There's a smoldering seat waiting for you and that pornstasche Bolton.

    Don't you love the way this guy thinks these (attempted) coups – where hundreds of people die – lives are destroyed are all so freaking funny.
    These bastards are all the same – I've been studying these since Richard Helms, David Atlee Philips, E Howard Hunt – they are all psychopaths cut out of the same cloth. This POS is no GOOD GUY folks.

  8. CIA 'planning' is a nice word for seriously criminal and terrorism that if another country carried out against America would be called STATE SPONSORED INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM.

  9. John"The Tapeworm"Bolton has been in The Bowels of DC for Decades, He has been impossible to flush out and No matter what treatment is administered He holds on and hangs on in, just like The Parasite that He is!

  10. What is everyone missing, including Redacted, Jimmy Dore, Joe Rogan,
    Grayzone, Matt Taibi, The Hill, etc? They are all missing the obvious.
    The government created 2.27 trillion dollars as of today. Do you
    actually think that the petrodollars run on 2.27 trillion dollars? The
    official total money stock is at 21.75 trillion dollars.
    So where do the additional 19.48 trillion dollars come from? It is
    counterfeit by local banks. You can all it credit or endogenous money,
    or you can explain the legality of it by explaining promissory notes
    (fractional reserve lending was debunked decades ago), but in the end,
    it is just counterfeit. So what do these bankers do with all that money
    including the bailouts? They buy shareholder control of all public
    billion-dollar corporations. Some corporations are dismantled. Other
    corporations are swallowed by bigger corporations. It is a monopolistic
    restructuring. Now, these bankers own mainstream media, or the
    independent family-owned media are with these bankers. They are using
    powerful, almost hypnotic, social programming developed by Edward
    Bernay. Do you really think that these bankers don't interfere with
    politics? How do they keep the counterfeiting rig going? This is how we
    get a senile fundamentally evil man in the presidency. This is how we
    get Trump and a Steve Mnuchin foreclosure king running the treasury.
    Every time we get a credit card, direct deposit, or mortgage we are
    supporting a powerful criminal organization. They are intrinsically
    attached to our social structure sucking the life out of everyone with
    wars and labor. The masses are in a hypnotic trance, and what can we do?

  11. Bolton is an obvious and overt monster. This guy however represents the banality of evil. The assumptions that "democracy" is automatically superior and that this American government bureaucrat somehow knows better what constitutes good government for other countries is pretty rich. It is hard to know whether this "intelligence officer" is naive and lacking any self awareness or just a well practised masonic liar ? At what point does one state the obvious: As an American government official representing a failed state I am in no position to comment on other countries governance.

  12. Great, reasonably honest interview Aaron. @ around 36:00, your guest suggested 'hopes of failure' projected at Morales' Bolivian gov't based on discrediting his "left wing policies" is only partially true. For mere strategy reasons to bolster racist base or actual beliefs, there was deep seated desire to see first Indigenous led gov't fail. It was seen in common literature apposing Morales long before coup and evident in bizarre woman they installed following coup. It was a deeply held belief and strategy applied in late R. South African apartheid era.

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