US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia – Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia – Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen



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  1. It is truly a privilege to listen to Ray McGovern speak. May your learned voice be broadcast for all to hear. The age of the idiots must come to an end. Bravo! God Bless you all, thank you.

  2. Russiagate, Russian meddling/hacking in the 2016 presidential election, its accusations and outrage, were/are ridiculous and pathetic from the outset … for a start, what killed Clitons candidacy was FBI director James Comey's public address that the FBI had reopened the Cliton-Email case (merely days before the election) which was swiftly followed by an instant drop of her ratings … Hilary Clinton was aware of this and complained about it. Why Comey did this is not clear, it's suspicious anyway especially since I remember Rudy Giuliani boasting about a foreknowledge he had about it, hinting: I have good contacts in the FBI and something big is coming, he said days before it happened. Anyway, this is not my topic. My topic is that the U.S. is notorious for its meddling in foreign affairs, hence the U.S. would be the last to have the "right" to complain if others would do such to them (I have to stress, I never ever believed Russia, least Putin, was even involved in any hacking etc.) … based on such a hypocritical outrage alone all such accusation are totally baseless. Russiagate is Hillary Clinton's continuation of her disasterous Russia foreign policies with other means (after having lost her candidacy) and the liberals, shell-shovked and traumatized (PTSD) by Donald Trump's election, went along, desperate and "happily" … besides, the biggest blow to these accusations were done by a declassified transcript of the December 2017 House Intelligence Committee hearing of Shawn Henry, the president of CrowdStrike Services (CrowdStrike is the company on which Mueller based his "forensic evidence" to accuse Russia of the hack) in which Shawn Henry confessed, on record, that CrowdStrike Services had never any proof of any hack, least by an Russian actors, despite their initial claim to the contrary (on which, as a consequence, 35 Russian diplomat's were expulsed from the US and the whole pathetic Mueller circus started) and this was already know since December 2017 … well, spinning a little conspiracy theory now my self: co-founder of CrowdStrike is Dmitri Alperovitch, a Moscow born (1980), now American citizen, a Computer engineer with a distinct anti Russia, anti Putin, sentiment hint, hint … the whole thing is an embarrassment and a dangerous exercise by the Democrat establishment … but one "thing" I need to debunk clearly: when Ray McGovern references Bill Binney's "proof of how the Clinton's email data could not have been transmitted online, which he bases on the embedded hidden file data (creation time and date etc.) is incorrect … as an IT Consultant I can assure anyone: manipulating these data is "a walk in the park, even before breakfast" and should not (never ever) be used as an argument … why an ex-NSA top software engineer, like Bill Binney (which I admir) did not consider this and goes with such an obvious fallacy, I have no idea (clearly, no one is perfect 😉) … having said that, I am still convinced Bill Binney is right though in assuming these data were initially copied onto an USB memory stick …

  3. 1:38:07 What Alexander is missing, (Perhaps he does not want to admit it.) is that since, probably the Revolution, certainly since the start of the Manhattan Project, the Deep State in the USA has had as its ultimate goal, the destruction of the Soviet/Russian state and bringing under US control, the vast resources of Russia and eventually the Whole world. This has underlain their continual efforts to surround, initially Russia and now China. Only if you admit this and understand this, can you make sense of all their policies. Without this, none of it makes sense.

  4. Советский Союз был лучшей страной в мире! Подавляющее большинство советских граждан хотели сохранить свою страну и проголосовали за это на референдуме. Потребовались годы усилий иностранных агентов и внедрение предателей, вроде Горбачева, во власть, чтобы развалить величайшую страну! Теперь большинство из нас, рождённых в СССР, помнят свое детство и юность в той стране, как лучшие годы – спокойные и счастливые. Бесплатное образование и медицина, гарантированное трудоустройство и жилье, никаких бездомных… Многое, слишком многое было отнято у нас западом. За что мы запад никогда не простим!
    Пока вы на западе относитесь к нам, русским, как к недочеловекам, ничего не изменится. Расизм и фашизм – современное состояние всего запада. России с таким западом не по пути.
    Запад должен показать пример и полностью разоружиться. Только тогда возможны будут какие-то с ним разговоры.

  5. Russia cannot achieve any negotiated settlement upon which it could rely, for our Noble Philosopher Rulers lack all integrity.

    There is only one safe ‘Off-ramp’ for Russia: it involves no violation of NATO borders, but does involve driving over the European economy until it sinks into the mire. That would leave America to fund it’s ‘Russian Limes’ alone: any apparently profitable lend-lease arrangements would not be repayable in effective purchasing power terms. Further, for America to maintain the ‘Russian Limes’, it needs the respective States of Europe not to collapse into Economic and Social Anarchy and into Hard Nationalist regimes worthy of Stefan Bandera himself.

    What Ukraine has to offer the West is a successful model for the Radical, Racist, Nationalist Right: an Eminence Grise at least, something otherwise entirely marginalised in the West.

    The way forward, now, for the Nations of Europe, is Hard Left, Hard Right, or just Down Hard!

  6. Государственная структура Украины принадлежит фашистскому западу, а огромная часть населения и большая часть территории исторически принадлежит России. Россия просто заберёт свое, то, о чем Украина не заботилась, а даже, наоборот, планомерно уничтожала.

  7. 1:47:52 The one thing above all (It is not the only thing but it is the worst.) that prevents any breaking of the grip of the MICC on the foreign policy of the US, is making lobbying and the "Revolving Door", legal. With that legislation in place, I do not see how anything can be done about it by the US itself.

  8. Hey guys great show touched on many things on my mind and spirit, The USA is a corrupt criminal corporation with a big Army and i can add that title to all the rest of Western Nations especially UK and EU. Food Banks in the UK in the 21st century is not only disgraceful but shameful, here is a direct message to the criminal rich in the West, (Its as hard for a rich man or woman to enter there Kingdom in the Heavens as it is to push a camel through the eye of a needle. What is a rich man or woman and the cause of all the misery and suffering food banks people thrown on the streets in the UK and West, A rich man or woman is anybody with more that £1Million in riches or assets and all will be cast out of the Tree of Everlasting Life.

  9. It seems the problem with the US is the politicization of every branch of government. John Le Carre said something similar a few years ago about the UK back before Democracy Now was politicized too.

  10. Glenn (Alexander), I'm not a Merkel fan, but you misrepresent what she said. The facts are:

    a. Merkel worked hard to negotiate Minsk,

    b. She consistently refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, and

    c. She did not have the power to prevent Trump and/or the US deep state from arming Ukraine and thereby undermining the peace process.

    Thus, your claim that she wanted to "buy time to prepare Ukraine for Nato" is false. Moreover, it wasn't her decision to veto Ukraine. It was the collective decision of the CDU/SPD in Germany in addition to France, Italy etc. When she said that Ukraine "wasn't ready to join Nato and the EU" that is a statement of fact.

    Finally, her statement has to be seen in the context of contemporary Germany where there is a witch hunt on for anybody who casts doubt the Nato narrative of "Putin's unprovoked war of aggression." She is defending herself against the accusation that she's responsible for the Ukraine war because she didn't let Ukraine join Nato in 2008.

    If you want to accuse Merkel of anything, accuse her of having grown up under Soviet rule in East Germany, where many have/had a very naïve view of the benevolence of US hegemony, which those of us who have a real-life experience of the Perf. Albion find rather amusing. The fact that she apologized for having criticized Schroeder for his open opposition to the Iraq war shows that she's not unwilling to learn.

  11. Oh good, Captain Obvious!, lol (Ray McGovern). This time he confesses to have been part of mainstream efforts to slander Trump. What an exceeding tool — wide-eyed nut. Literal wide-eyes — the way he manipulates expressions while he modulates vocal tones like a kindergarten teacher reading Where the Wild Things Are to her students is freaky.

  12. Russia phobia White Caucasian Phobia all Organized by the Nepotisms of Khazaria a 3500 yr o war GOD V Baal and the Fallen Angels the Devils High Demons and Dieties. we are the only thing stopping them from taking over the world and making Humanity whats left into a slave race?

  13. Alexander…have to disagree..Trump is far from an idiot , what he accomplished in his four short years whilst everyone in the government was against him was incredible…….secure border …..self sufficient in energy.. no wars …. improved relations with North Korea and Putin …..two peace deals in the middle East …record employment levels especially among the minorities…..record levels of financial prosperity and in Wall Street ……he is probably one of the best Presidents for the American people and for the rest of the world and for peace
    The war in Ukraine would never have happened nor the terrible provocation against China either ……but you think he's an idiot and so the people who voted for him are idiots too ?……..are you a bit of a snob Alex ?

  14. So much time just talking about US lying, cheating, smash and grab… This talking is just going to go on and on, NO ACTION, just more talk and more talk, everybody's talking……

  15. Damn I love The Duran. Always learn something, in special content and how to work with information to build new knowledge. Curious thing, what I learn about politicians and leaders resemble a lot of my knowledge of asocial or antisocial psychopathology disorders. No maters if is successful figures or the more evident in destructive politicians and others State related actors. Humm maybe that explain why I feel the need of what Alex and Alexander have to say.

  16. It was, however, obvious from day 1 that Hillary's stories were BS. That there are so many people eager to be deceived is very disturbing. Thanks Ray for all the good reminders and good stories. Keep striving for sanity.

  17. I don't agree with Ray, that most Americans believe the Russian hacked the DNC, and we as a whole, support the proxy war in Ukraine. I run in different circles I'm a lower middle class, midwest gal here. I think leftists and Democrats and Rhino's believe the lies more than normal conservative Christian Republicans who are well informed and don't pay any mind to MSM sources for my news. We do not want to go to war, our elites, D.C, blue cities, and brainwashed/ideologues people who are swore alligence to their team (Team blue), support this war. Just my humble opinion.

  18. So the question arises: how different was Trump from previous presidents? Sanctions, hostility toward China, expanded military expenditures, nuclear threats… what's the difference? The usual false posturing was missing. So it was essentially a difference in style not content. Millions of people went crazy over a difference in style and didn't want to know that the content hadn't changed at all. And so many of them are among the more educated and informed segments of the populace. Why? Because it wasn't a rational dislike of Trump. It was purely emotional and reflected an emotional immaturity in Western society that persists. No one can admit to being wrong.

  19. Get rid of NATO and all countries distance themselves from USA till they grow up , learn political diplomacy , stop lying , and murdering innocent people and are prepared to share the planet as civilised people. If they can’t they should be bound to their country by the rest of world to live alone.

  20. As long as people still listen to our propaganda msm they don't even know a lot of this is going on and what does get out the msm tells them that it is all lies. My country is no longer a Republic or even a democracy at this point. Our government is nothing more then a mafia who will destroy anyone who gets in their way of them enriching themselves and more power over us. I am so disgusted that they have stolen our country and have been stealing our elections. We are no longer a free nation and more people need to wake up to that. They are living in a illusion that they are free. Yes, we have an uniparty now and they will take anyone out that might get elected who doesn't go along with their plans. America destroys countries and has killed 100's of thousands civilians so I know they could care less about how many Americans have to die too so they can keep their warmonger status. Our government hasn't worked for the American people in decades. That has been a very rude awakening for me to handle.

  21. Another 'Tour d'horizon' from The Duran. As a non-consumer of MSM, I don't pay my TV licence tax here in UK, I come first to such streams as this to garner information and digest what's really happening. I have come across Ray McGovern before and found him refreshing and erudite but today the combination of Ray, Glenn and of course Alexander gives me renewed confidence that the cause of truth is not forelorn and that there is a way back from the lemming's fate of careening over the precipice.

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