US Is Funding A PROXY War In Ukraine, Using Civilians As PAWNS: Katie Halper

Katie Halper criticizes Senator Chris Coons’ call for stronger American intervention in Ukraine.

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  1. The real enemy sits in Washington disregarding the plight of the American Family. They fuel the fire inside Ukraine knowing the innocent men and women of Russia will pay a heavy price for the American deception which created the fire in the place.

  2. If this man is going to put American men and women in harm's way his family should be the 1st one shipped over there to come into the military if they're not already there train them and ship on there so his family can die for what he believes in I don't believe in what he believes in believe in I don't want my children to die for a political end Maybe he won't mind his kids dying or grandkids

  3. The ignorance in USA about the Ukraine war is apalling. It gives those who rule licence to do what they want. What they want is more war because those really in power-the military/industrial/banking oligarchs profit heavily from war. USA does NOT have a government responsible to its people.

  4. Same script everytime.
    Fund the extremists, destabilize & destroy.

    Same bs happened in Afghanistan, Syria, now Ukraine, next India.

  5. Putin will now turn toward the oil fields as the last objective of this war. He will then have control of all the ports, all the newly discovered oil fields off the coast and all the oil and gas resources in the Donbas region. Plus he will have his land bridge he's wanted. He doesn't need the rest of Ukraine so he'll stop at that. This won't be Syria but it makes for a few clicks and lots of Progressive comments. Follow the money. Zelensky will likely keep fighting him. What will we do then?

  6. If they actually cared about peace they would focus on refugees and how that money could be used in America. Instead, they talk about weapons and conspiracies. I wonder why?

  7. Ladies, American troops are already in there and weapons are being accumulated in the area. America is preparing for war under the guise of “arming Ukraine”. They are just waiting for the right moment to make it appear as though Russia provoked it. This is how US starts wars.

  8. NOBODY IS INNOCENT… Everyone has their own agenda. The question is who suffers most? He who suffers must do everything to relieve those suffering, not the other way around. If you wait, for someone to end your suffering, it's not your suffering that is ending. RESIST ONLY IF YOU CAN!

  9. My dear friend,
    You have been living in America for your entire life and you only anderstend the world like politicians and media Is presenting to you.
    Kim is 100 %on this.
    You should maybe have a discussion with the real people who were terrorised and killed under boots of NATO.
    NATO it's not what you are thinking.

    Putin didn't need ukranian oil
    Or Ukranian corruption,
    Amerika was planning this long time ago.
    For years was working with corupted Zelinski ,
    Making money 💰
    And bringing millions of wepons in Ukraine
    Hundreds of many hundreds of kids and people were killed who only wanted a pice

    Maybe one day you will try to find the truth

  10. What I want from Katie Halper about November 25 2021 is a written:

    – explanation
    – apology
    – support for compensation from the creep who put me on this watchlist and cost you and Bri your 'covert'' identities

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