US Job Growth Stalls Due to Faucism

You can’t blame delta variant for hiring slowdowns, it’s all the human response:


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  1. You lied big time on this video buddy.. you said it's people's responses that fucked job numbers.. nobody in government are people they are demons or aliens or some shit like that but definitely not human lol

  2. Vic and NSW have finally conceded covidzero aint happening but are stull acting like they're able to do it. Other states are high on meth or something – should never have given the states this level of power when we don't have that states rights sort of culture

  3. There is always a balance of freedom and quality of life. We could save a lot of lives by banning cars. There would be no fatal car collisions if there were no more cars. We don't consider that an option because of the severe hit to our way of life that banning cars would cause. The same is true for constantly wearing masks and constantly getting injections. Just because some people aren't bothered by that doesn't mean that other people are fine with it. Not everybody has a BDSM fetish.

  4. There are no job creations. Just jobs that actually existed before the Democrat shut downs. Those jobs are being filled, but no job growth. Only job refilling

  5. Democrats Covid virus was not stopped by the last Economic shut down. Lets shut the economy down again to stop this Delta Virus. we know it will work this time. They never learn.

  6. In July the masks came off, but in August the Liberals doubled down on masks with Delta variant BS. Can my homeowner's association mandate social distancing BTW? Every Liberal is doing everything they can to keep Covid going.

  7. Just thinking about the spending bill and how silver went from 28.50 to 23.50 over night when it passed. Do with that info what you will. I was paying attention, were you? correction, (spending bill) to raised debt ceiling.

  8. Jeremy Ashford
    I live in the most stupid country in the world, New Zealand. I disown the government, and those that voted for it. It is a solitary life.

    After consultation with our Prime Minister Australia gave it a go. A few months and they recognised the stupidity. The individual states may take longer to get the message.

  9. The thing is democrats hate business and love to control the population at large and they get the double whammy by closing down businesses at the same time they don't allow people to come out of the house. Unfortunately democrates are so scared of their shadow that they buy and eat every shit sandwich they are fed.

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