US Just Admitted To Secret WHAT?!

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Thank you producers! — William Fitz, Nicholas Carlough, Kyle K. Mann, Robin Laurain, Andrew Standfast, Orleny Silverio, FreeAssangeNow, Michaelynn Kyjonka, Medea Benjamin.


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  1. Good for Walter, it takes courage and sacrifice to unmask these POS just consider what they're doing to Assange for basically telling the truth, and boggles the mind the Australian Gov won't ask for his release officially. I think more Americans and Westerners should be worried about the US empire hegemony slipping, in the past when empires failed they always did by starting a world war, and if a world war breaks out between the US and China it will be the last war humans ever fight

  2. not gonna listen to 55 minutes of talking.
    watching a bit, i can question that you're mad that USA killed a drug cartel member ? You got problem with killing bad people ? human traffickers and so on, your stance seem to be on Evil, just other side, certainly not good.

  3. why do y'all wish Micheal Jackson was not singing on We Are The World? exclusion is not a sentiment uniters state – that's like wishing Kentucky was not voting in the Senate.. it can't be the politics of Micheal Jackson

  4. You laugh at the holy water but there have been studies proving that America's mitigation techniques for covid did not save a single life all the masks all the shutdowns all of it complete theater

  5. I can't help but think of Emperor Norton I, who declared himself ruler of America. He also challenged bigots and mobs, stopped violence by publicly praying in front of rioters (yes, that actually worked for him), and whose self-made currency was accepted by the establishments he frequented.

    Norton was more respected, and more legitimate, than Guaido ever was or will be.

  6. So the Bolivian government takes the wealth from the country's natural resources and uses it to improve the lives of their citizens. My God! That's horrible! It's evil!! Sounds like some of that evil socialism…. We better go down there and give them some good old American fascism and help them take care of those resources.

  7. The USA would never accept what they do to other countries continually, to be ever done to them.

    In the end, the USA will have to pay for every one of their sins. Everything that the USA has done throughout the world for decades, will one day be done to the USA, but shaken up & running over.

  8. Biden is as shameful as Chump but in different ways. Biden asks Israel to slow down stealing Palestinian land while he's there ("no promises," Israel replies), he'll crawl for Saudi fascists and ask corporations to pump more oil that's wrecking the world, he won't lift a finger to find peace in Ukraine but lets Ukrainians bleed just to bleed Russia (supposedly), and runs an exclusionary farce of a hemispheric conference as if America's for freedom and nothing has changed in centuries. God, this corrupt stumble-bum is going to drive stupid voters back into Repiglican arms. God help us? NO—we've got to help ourselves.

  9. She also said on TV when being interviewed over Trump's shenanigans Iraq didn't have WMD it fell out of her mouth and of course Corporate Media didn't push back on anything. She was on the House Intelligence Committee at the time. I can't stand Pelosi. When Collin Powell died everyone was whitewashing his fn history.

  10. Lee why do you shout? I hear you and your message and mostly agree, but calm down buddy please. Shouting doesen't make you right and as you know empty vessels make the most noise.

  11. Great program. Walter (and Lee and AMLO) set a great example for the rest of us.

    We outnumber them and they can't kill or jail everyone. When the working class decides we've had enough, it's all over. The working class can manage production and security, and the real criminals can rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

  12. The Nazis in Bolivia have a long history. After WWII, with the help of the CIA, many Nazis traveled to South America, including Bolivia. Nazis Gestapo official Klaus Barbie, "the Butcher of Lyon", assisted the 1970s dictator of Bolivia, General Hugo Banzer with repression. Barbie also helped in the continent-wide, CIA aided, terrorist campaign, Project Condor.

  13. I hate bullies more than anything, thieves next and a liars . This country is all three unfortunately, it doesn't play well with others…
    Venezuela gas is 86 cents a gallon , let that roll around on your pea brain America…

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