US LOSES IT At China’s Ukraine Peace Deal | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar react to the US rebuking China’s proposed cease fire plan in the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine.

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  1. you guys don't even attempt to consider their rationale. Obviously Id want the cease fire, it's the easiest morally pure decision. But I'm not gonna completely ignore that there ARE good arguments behind the US position.

  2. If Xi can get Russia to respect Ukranian territorial integrity, including Crimea, everyone should be thankful. Zelensky's position is very much like South Korea – whose politics and success has been enabled by a very careful see-sawing between powers.

  3. Well, that doesn't prove that the US is in this war for themselves and they only want to make money off it. I can't stand china, but if they broker a good peace deal between Russia and Ukraine then great. People can stop dying needlessly.

  4. Washington isn't open to peace. They will sacrifice every Ukrainian soldier they can. Entire generations of ukranian men annihilated to further Washingtons geo political agenda.
    Absolutely reprehensible on every level.

  5. Putin refused the request by eastern Ukraine to join Russia while he negotiated peace for 8 years to end the Donbas genocide. U. S. masters said no and Russia intervened ,since the west wanted the slaughter to continue. Also, Taiwan is China like Missouri is America. Read a damn history book you Washington parrot. You think U.S. hegemony is stability? Do you have the attention span of a mosquito?

  6. As an American, I'm very much looking forward to the new multi-polar world. Maybe finally having to consider ramifications will temper our aggression and reign in our military since voting doesn't do a damn thing.

  7. Saagar (and most American's) is completely fine with the exploitation of the imperial periphery as long as they get cheap consumer goods… this is why reform isn't possible.

  8. Saagar will talk about shifty IMF loans and how we’ve taken advantage of the third world, then spits out this alarmist bs about how if we don’t have US hegemony then we’ll all be screwed. Stfu dude

  9. China has 1/5 of humanity and the largest manufacturing output in the world. Russia has the largest landmass and the largest energy source in the world. You couldn't find the perfect partnership like China and Russia which complements each other. When both countries come together that's simply unbeatable in this world. Oh yeah, last but not least, they've got the most nukes too. The world has changed. Like it or not, we are going to live in a multi-polar world now.

  10. Krystal is trash, her new boyfriend is trash(Kyle). She's was probably cheating the whole time. She still sticks up for Joe Biden. She has been wrong 100 of times and never admits it or obfuscates it. Must have learned from that the dude you were cheating on your husband with. Saagar needs to leave this cancer

  11. Cease fire?? No way! A cease fire helps Russia only and almost guarantees that they get to keep Crimea. I'm with Ukraine, go ahead with the Spring offensive and get them some airplanes fast!

  12. Krystal is right. The world is better off with multipolarism. From day one US was trying to "bleed" Russia by sacrificing Ukrainian lives in a prolonged war. US has blocked peace negotiations twice, mediated by Turkey and Israel. It is great for the world if China can finally pull it off, and send a crushing blow to the American neo-con warmongers.

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