US Media Pushes “War Crime” Propaganda In Ukraine

If you get your news about the Ukraine war from the mainstream media in the United States, you’ve been inundated with uncorroborated reports of the brutal and unconscionable war crimes the Russian military is committing in cities like Bucha and Mariupol. The possibility that pro-Ukrainian propaganda could be responsible for these reports is never broached or even considered.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( ) discuss the propaganda war surrounding the military conflict in Ukraine and the media’s frequent past failures to report accurately on matters of war.

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  1. I am aware you're not gonna read my comment Jimmy,but this is for your listners. There were 2 major times the chemical attacks occurred in Syria . First one in Eastern Ghota (which killed around 1200 people including children) it happned and your misleading guest doesn't talk about it. The second one was staged and didn't happen. So your guest is mixing things up and saying nothing of this sort at all happened because the (second) one was staged.
    Jimmy I hope you are not with him into this f***ery, cause there is a lot of blood in his hands.

  2. Nowadays when everything is caught on camera we have NO FILM EVIDENCE?!? Everyone has a cell phone and there is not one single video of Russian soldiers killing, raping, or burning civilians – not one! It's all after the fact rhetoric! So not a one-person could film it from a hideout at some apartment's upstairs window or a balcony and hand it to some journalist?!? It sounds real 'FISHY' to me!!!

  3. They are not destroying a country as purpose , but as consequence. Russia has waited 8 years and nothing was happening and the nazis were going to invade Donetsk. They have amazed nearly 100,000 soldiers on the border. Now what they Russians are going to do is reshape Ukraine all the East and the Azov sea and Mariupol port will belong to Donetsk and Lugansk.. Odessa is a big question mark.

  4. Jimmy without any information at all, denies Russian war crimes on instinct. As if the saint-hood of the Russian war machine was something Jimmy "What holodomore" Dore was something that could not be blasphemed lol…

  5. If the "coalition" enters Ukraine and engages in a frontal attack on Russian forces I'm sure Putin would use 'Tactical Nukes'. From then on it's anyone's guess how it will end!!!

  6. Remember Colin Powell WMD speech to UN….and Bush 2, Cheney, & Rice as Iraq Ops was executed….and No WMD found, Iraq leveled, and No war crimes for those 3.

  7. yo Jimmy 😏 that bloody media of yours is goddaym ruthless man
    😲they trying their hardest to send the cavalry in there jimmy
    but we're lucky ones jimmy the US is screaming it's tits off or shud I say the 5 eyes is yelling bloody murder n nobodies rushing to there aid😂
    🤭but we keep running the same play Afghanistan Iraq, Syria, Yemen= regime change
    and none of it has worked👁️

  8. Aaron is careful about getting his facts straight, and not pretending they're proving something that they're not. Unfortunate that there's nobody left in the corporate media like that…

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