US Minimum Wage Workers Can’t Afford Rent Anywhere

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Submitted by Patreon Member Lauren D’Alessandro

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. Throw in the cost of an automobile as people are forced to live farther and farther away from the city where the better paying jobs are and you are wiped out! The math just does not work out! It is why so many people do not have what their parents were able to have on one income. Just like 08 the banks get bailed out and your house as the cherry on top of the scam!

  2. Your Government Welfare/Warfare industry has made it to were a starting business can't hire anyone. The cost of living and inflation are a silent tax on the people. If Price discovery had been allowed in the first place you would have found this out years ago. A sanction on China is a tax on our people. China isn't hit with anything disruptive other than the US buyer's reluctance to by their goods because we can't afford it living from paycheck to paycheck. They are not directly effected. US buys more China made than USA made; that has yet to be revealed to you. Government will never tell you, you have been a fool to believe that this was all Capitalism, when in fact it has been Crony-Capitalism and Socialism.

  3. These unaffordable prices are why I advocate for UBI especially for people living in unhealthy relationships. Many women and young adults are afraid to leave mistreatment because they don't want to be homeless.