US/NATO Preparing False Flag Chemical Attack In Ukraine?

On the heels of vociferous denials from US officials of biological weapons labs in Ukraine, the public is being warned that the country may be facing an imminent chemical weapons attack. Russia and NATO are both already blaming the other for this potential war crime, but the only group with an incentive and the depravity to deploy chemical weapons are the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias like the Azov Battalion.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( ) discuss the bio weapons propaganda war that’s already raging over a potential attack.

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  1. I want everyone to keep watch, I got a feeling it might be a while before jimmy hits 1,000,000 subs. I hope I’m wrong tomorrow. But I’ve seen similar channels sit at 900k for way too long

  2. Ah yes, the guys who warned about and correctly predicted a Russian invasion are the ones laying a false pretext to use chemical weapons.
    It's most certainly not the Russians who lied about an invasion who are laying a false pretext about so called US sponsored bio weapons labs so they can use their own bio weapons in their continued assault on Ukraine.
    Peculiar how Jimmy gives so much weight and credence to baseless Russian claims and their foreign policy and national security concerns but similarly doesn't give the same deference to others, specifically the US. Even when US based intelligence reports put to bed Vladimir Putin's lie about invasion.
    Interesting how the narrative changes from "Russia won't invade because they said so and any reports that they will are just American lies" to "here's why invasion is justified".

  3. This to me is a manufactured sign of the end times. And I don't believe in the end times as some ordained event by some higher power but the foolishness of people consumed by vices. Evil wins when good people do nothing. Humanity is doing a whole lot of nothing.

  4. Western oligarchs are getting very angry because eastern oligarchs are getting bigger super yachts and jets, so they will play their war and kill whole lots of innocent people on all sides. To them it is all just a game.

  5. Uh oh, Jimmy. You better be careful having Aaron Mate on the air reporting on actual facts. The clowns at TYT can't handle it when you have real journalists reporting on things that are actually going on. They're likely to spend a good half hour of their show getting all worked up and outraged. It puts a severe dent in their regular, day after day parroting of the mainstream media talking points. It's easier for them to attack Aaron than to do any actual journalism. That would force them to think critically and not just pass along the daily talking points that come out of NYT, CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, etc.

  6. Get to the ceasefire table and end this before a nut case faction throws a nuke and or chemical attack. Who the hell will anyone believe after this lopsided, pro-globalist totalitarian mass media spreads their manure?

  7. I'm not saying it's impossible… but I'd be surprised if the US/NATO faked a chemical attack to enter the war. Consensus is that WW3 starts if the US or NATO bring soldiers or airplanes. I would not be surprised if Ukraine faked a chemical attack to get US/NATO involved, but do they have access?

  8. The fake chemical she sniffed was a supposed to be a nerve agent agent that makes people die of non stop Charlie horses in every muscle in the body ..she did NOT sniff the real thing

  9. Russia accused Ukraine because of the experience in Syria, so they know already the playbook and how it works! They also know that the only way to stop Zelensky from negotiating would be a chemical attack and of course, American public would believe it without a question!

  10. This is the truth people, Jimmy Dore is a Russian money loving asset, or at best a usefull idiot convinced during his Russian dealings.
    Hows your lovely multi million home Jimmy? (you all have an Internet connections, look up everything I tyoe)
    One minute he's a terrible 4th rate comedian, his personality didn't help him in that regard. He has a poorly earning YouTube channel, his problem is controvertial rants can't be monitized well through Youtube who don't pay as well as you think and pay, expenses and tax have to come out if it.
    As a rule He only plays small venues as a "comedian" mainly to people who have watched him here. I'd love to see attendance records going back 8 years. Snarling and lying isn't really conedy, it's a live version of this.
    Then he goes on Russian state TV and defends Russian atrocities in Syria, it wasn't just gas, shills can find people to come on and agree with them in any subject.
    Just like magic his wealth starts growing into a few millions, inspite of the earning potential from his small gigs and under monitized channel he purchases a home for 1.9 million. A bit strange considering his outward earning power.
    It's laughable that he tried to get unity with right wing militias in America but pushes Kremlin exaggerated Nazi propaganda about Ukraine. The far right vote totalled 2% last election in Ukraine.
    It's higher in the states and in most countries, but there has been Russian backed war in Ukraine for 8 years so you going to see maltia dickwads, aren't you.
    When you add all the U.S. far right malitias, KKK others organisations like airian brotherhood etc etc, and add the sympathisers which you see at every right wing rally in America, you'd have to think the petcentage is higher in the U.S.
    If you think Russia isn't right right wing you are crazy, Asian Russians can't go on a subway in Southern Russia without getting the shit kicked out of them, then add all the" we are the defenders of white couture" also the homophobia that cones from the top in Russia. The wholesale theft of wealth and assets. The killing of free speech. The bugging everywhere, the political murders (more than think carried out in the UK on Putins orders, chemical poisoning, throwing people of balconies etc) Nazi and Soviet style state propaganda media, where Jimmy appears. Not the American style crap of letting the right and centre left have their own versions of news, Russia has proper dear leader one way news, until recently they had fake talk news with selected "objectors" to put talking points to be slapped down by the state view, not anymore, War is peace / freedom is slavery ignorance is strength.”  1984 is the order of the day in the land of good honest people held hostage by gangsters.
    Simple questions
    Who invaded who?
    Who sent a war machine into Ukraine twice, Jimmy rightly attacks the US led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, but supports the Ukraine invasion by trying to call defence a war crime.
    He keeps pushing the Kremlin propaganda word fir word as if scripted, he should be held accountable as a Russian asset. His money should be investigated. All my opinion, as I'm entitled to state, just as Jimmy does, but mine is sincerely held, his is bought and paid for.

  11. Whenever our side is the first to bring up the idea of a violent attack, is a sign they are prepping the reaction they want for their own false flag. I saw this with a blog out of France that tracked the Afghan war for years before 9-11. When the Taliban was about to take over Taloqan and then control 95% of the country, then the bloggers revealed they were not unbiased after all and started advocating for the losing side. Shortly after Taloqan fell to the Taliban and were about to conquer the last 5%, the blog got Madison Avenue slick in their ability to connect with and manipulate the western mind. At the same time they suddenly started claiming the Taliban were going to do a huge attack in the west. A few days later 9-11 happened. That blog got western help from someone who knew 9-11 was about to happen.

  12. Why would Russia use 'chemical weapons' at all? They are one the greatest militaries in the world and using 'chemical weapons' is as useless as CNN news.
    No doubt this is a FALSE FLAG setup to blame Russia for CIA chemical weapons use to escalate the war with Russia.

  13. Heck, the Romans had a peace treaty with Carthage but broke it with a lame excuse; accusing Carthage of a military act that was similar to one of CIA president Bush’s excuse to invade Panama (one of our Marines was “kicked in the groin”).

  14. It’s disgusting to think that our governments would kill civilians in such a cruel way just to prove a lie ?
    We have lost control of our governments and they are committing atrocious crimes in OUR name ?
    When will people wake up, Russia is a superpower with the capability of flattening Ukraine in minutes, why would they need to carry out any bio or chemical attack when they are so powerful and know how the world would react ?
    You’d have to be pretty stupid to believe this shit !

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