US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia

Politicians and members of the media have nearly universally expressed shock and dismay at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but their incredulity is belied by the fact that numerous Russia experts and historians have been predicting these events practically since the fall of the Berlin Wall, pointing out that a Russian response to ongoing NATO incursions was virtually inevitable.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the past predictions of noteworthies ranging from Noam Chomsky and Stephen Cohen to Henry Kissinger and Pat Buchanan.

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  1. Trudeau wants to be in world War threat by buying weapons . He needs to be gone. WEF WAND TO KILL OFF POPULATION. Elites are all mentally unstable thirsting for war in their greed.

  2. Banning RUSSIA products in America, sounds the same as GERMANY 1939. when America has also banned everything from GERMANY….. But shouldnt American Jewish Machine BAN UKRAINE AZOV and Americans financing those same neo-nazis…. How can America, be on NAZI team, when even in WW2 RUSSIA has lost around 13 million soldiers from NAZI hands, so we should ALL stand to get rid of AZOV and NAZIS, and proclaim UKRAINE as NEUTRAL…….. Even PUTIN, said that UKRAINE should be NEUTRAL, cause it is the only good outcome for the WORLD as a whole…. But guess what, there is to much things "WE" want, that is aligned with PUTIN, and that is BAD….. So let UKRAINE DIE, and eventually the whole WORLD…….. IDIOTS and BIDEN who thinks OBAMA is still president!!!

  3. Thanks Jimmy. The new Russian pipeline has to play a part in this as well? MSM is also silent about the constantly growing numbers of troops on the Poland-Russia border by USA & Nato. China & Russia have already pledged to defend each other if Korea was targeted by the US. They are already allies.

  4. It's not just the U.S., most media stations and the general public in Europe, even many people who still declare themselves as leftists, completely lost their heads too. I have almost zero hope for humanity at this point, even if we somehow manage to avert nuclear annihilation.

  5. This is shocking news about Neo-Nazis being part of Ukraine Government especially since their President, Zelensky is Jewish. On the contrary, the Mainstream media has never reported it, nor the 14,000 deaths of the ethnic speaking Russians since 2014 in Luhansk and Donetsk. Why hasn't this been discussed in the mainstream media??? We are not getting the whole picture here and that is frustrating and confusing. So this is part of the other side of the story, plus the fact that NATO has been expanding too far east to Russia's borders and Urkaine is a security threat to Russia like Cuba was to USA in 1962 because of their proximity to each country. And John Mearshimer did predict the conflict in Ukraine would happen 6 years ago if USA and NATO continued on this path. Unbelievable!

  6. Jimmy Dore, a comedian, is spreading truth while those "real journalists" on the MSM is spreading lies. The world had been upside down for a very long time

  7. The only people who benefit from all this anti Russian nonsense are the politicians who invested in the stock market way before sanctions hit Russia and prices of goods began to skyrocket, and the neo-nazi elements of Ukraine (the Azov Regiment which dominates the military and the Svoboda neo nazi political party) who see the elimination of ethnic Russians as a key step into creating a "pure" country.

  8. Putin just has outdated politics, outdated corruption. There is no reason to not have Eurasian peace and independent democracies all over the continent.

    NATO is problematically guaranteed by UK-US nukes. This is a problem and that numerous nuclear treaties were torn up by Trump.

  9. Forcing Russia off the SWIFT system is speeding up the conversion to digital currencies. The Plandemic, and this "war" are on purpose to downshift the world economy for the great reset.

  10. I shared the Mearsheimer lecture at the U of Chicago vid on the 2nd day of the Russian invasion. He spoke in-depth about what we see happening today and China's ultimate influence 6 years ago.

  11. Conservative here.Why aren't the non woke left and the patriot right not working together where we share common interests and views?Many on my side learned from Iraq and who the neocons are,many on the left are carrying the neocon torch now that one of thiers is in power and they stand with the Bushes,Hannitys,Hannity, Kritols etc al…what about us?

  12. The hypothetical situation that max presented is pretty close to what I have been thinking. It's like "putting myself in someone else's shoes", and I definitely think America would do the same and invade a country that had ties with "the enemy" if they encroached on us.

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