US/NATO Refusing To Negotiate With Putin – Ukrainians Pay The Price

Despite protestations to the contrary, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has indicated that the US and NATO will not engage with any of Russia’s key demands and will let the fighting continue under the pretense that Ukraine has a prospect of holding off its larger, more powerful neighbor. The cost in lives is apparently deemed worth it by NATO allies who will not be sacrificing the lives of their own people.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( ) discuss the NATO powers’ willingness to relegate Ukrainians to the role of cannon fodder and all the sacrifices that will entail.

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  1. “The current demonization of Russia will be used, and is indeed being used"…"to justify unjust wars that destroy the lives of poor people abroad; to sacrifice the lives of our poor, who are largely recruited into the armed force for economic reasons; to deplete this country's rich resources on the continental build-up of our over-bloated military to the detriment of much-needed infrastructure and social spending; and to greatly increase our carbon foot print.”
    – Peter Kovalik

  2. Deescalation is not helpful for US arms sales to NATO countries. US military industrial complex wants this to continue. Teledyne, Boeing, General Dynamics will be all saying hurrah!

  3. Well as with most things out of the Biden White house, they're either lying or they are this stupid, never put down to malice what can be explained by stupidity, i suggest a mixture of both is to blame.

  4. The crazy war mongers in Washington, D.C. will not stop until Russia gets desperate or frustrated and starts attacking NATO countries and the U.S. next! The Oligarchs in the U.S. don't care if every Ukrainian dies just so long as they keep profiting off of their fighting!

  5. I saw this coming. It was really strange how the U.S. almost wanted this war to take off. Now that it has started, it is obvious they want Ukraine to be turned into a hell scape of bombed out cities and destroyed infrastructure to fight a proxy war that they think will be Russia's next Afghanistan. Only it won't. Ukraine sites on it border and it will NEVER allow the Neo-Nazis to take control. This will be a bitter, long (10+years?) stalemate that will Ukraine in total ruin.

  6. Biden needs a distraction from his Epic Failures.." The Big Guy's 10% " from Burisma is in jeopardy..
    Biden looks weak, begging the Venezuelans, the Saudi's/ OPEC for more oil..
    After he deliberately reversed American Energy Independence to once again become DEPENDANT of Foriegn Oil, DRAMATICALLY DRIVING UP PRICES AND INFLATION..

  7. America Is Bankrupt – 30 Trillion National Debt

    "This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq,
    and then Syria, Lebanon,Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” Gen W. Clark

    The President's Are All Following the 'Same Plan' – Taking Control Of The Middle East Oil Supply & Pipeline Networks.

    Which Is the Reason Why Russia Now Backs Syria & China Now Backs Iran To Counter That Move.

  8. I'm from Europe, many of us see who is funding this "WAR" and who want's it to last forever. USA left Afghanistan in hope that Taliban's will help America. US was preparing war in Ukraine since 2014. Russia was watching and trying with a dialog about Ukraine and NATO expansion. Everything that Russia suggested was no good by UN, EU and NATO. America with it's NATO is violating it's own treaty. Russia is loosing? Bullshit! Russia is Super Power, it might not be as big but can match USA at any time. USA has not even close of minerals and natural resources that Russia has. Don't even get me started about the military abilities. What you see in your main stream is only 15% or less. Russia could take Ukraine in 5-10 days if there was no civilians in it. Problem becomes when Civilians get weapons and there are still civilians that are in hiding.
    For your information, Russia could level Ukraine in few hours if President Putin wanted to. He knows there are still his people in Ukraine and are held hostage by Ukraine Nazis that America created and funded. America is still sending weapons to Ukraine and EU is mediator for it.
    America is coming to it's knees and it's not because of Russia but because of all the sanctions that were made by US and Europe.
    US dollar will collapse and we will all need to pay quadruple price for Everything. Thanks to Biden and the whole ass kissing EU politics.

  9. Oh wow, Jimmy Dore who TOOK ASSAD MONEY for pro RussiaSyria propaganda wants more of that cash.
    Are you enjoying your recently found wealth Jimmy?
    Blood on your hands Jimbo

  10. Generally I like most of Aaron's work a lot… absolutely adore his father*… But he's middle-fencing this. Like he did w/ the dread pirate Rona psyop and few other issues that shall remain nameless here for obvious reasons. I've done some digging now, & for him to highlight Red war crimes & not so much as mention *Bandera Fascist Nationalist & Azov Nasizm is pretty deplorable. I think Gabor & him need to have a chat about wtf is really going on around us at this point.

  11. Here's my question, at what point Is it a NATO/ US decision to recognize territories of an independent country as part of Russia? Shouldn't that diplomatic decision be a russia/ ukraine talk?

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