US Navy behind Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion ? What’s next ?

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist has come up with an explosive claim that it was the US Navy divers who planted the bombs that destroyed the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines under the Baltic Sea last September.

Seymour Hersh, an 82-year-old US-based journalist, claimed in his blogpost that Americans planted remotely-triggered explosives that damaged the three of the four pipelines built to carry natural gas from Russia to Europe. 
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  1. Germany had to be pulled into line. These people are not known for doing the right thing. If you have not noticed we are fighting an aggressive country invading another country (then who?). Sure side with Russia though, why not. Not like you live in the US and enjoy being free, and all it gives you. Don't worry, side with the enemy.

    Maybe you should move to Russia, go there, foreign and domestic. So off you go.

  2. Listen to this man if you hate your country and side with evil. He's so out of order here, who is he advocating for? Russia and putin. Sometimes you have to call out traitors in your country. This isn't a game, people are being killed because putin invaded and he is talking about how the west might have taken out their blood oil/gas. This man is always on the wrong side. Covid, same deal, scared to death, then the opposite. This man is basically a gas bag, and will blow as the day comes. Can't listen to that, you get blown around.

  3. To add Sweden has underwater listening arrays installed clandestinely with US support in the 90s. A Russian vessel would have made noise.
    I'm these days convinced that a large part of the submarine intrusions into Swedish water in the 80s and 90s were a US operation with Navy SEALS operating out of Italian mini submarines and with a handful of top Swedish officers in the know (for for example prevent sinking of the subs with mines or depth charges. A trapped submarine was effectively let go when the Sw Navy chief of staff joined the combat command network and ordered the mine line to not fire or a ship not to drop the depth charges at the target, but the log book pages detailing this were later ripped out)

  4. I’m not convinced. After the explosion Swedish Navy Ship made a direct path from the site all up close to Russian waters outside a Naval Base.

    Most likely they were tracking and following a Russian submerged vessel that was involved.

  5. This could be very problematic for all of the current and future undersea infrastructure. If the US can get away with it then any nut case terrorist type will see it as an opportunity to expand their range of operations.

  6. I don’t think most of us are in the loop much about undersea activity, but I sure will be more interested going forward. There seems to be no place on earth free or safe from military mayhem. Thanks Chris.

  7. I remember listening to the news when this happened laughed so hard when the reporters on ALL the stations suggested Russia blew up their own pipeline….
    They really do think their viewers are dumb!

  8. Liz Truss said in a press conference the "We Did It" Joe Biden at a press conference said words to the effect of We Took It Out. It's all a matter of loyalties at this point, nobody cares about the truth or who to blame. BLAME THE RUSSIANS!!! Why not, they are jerks anyways… IMHO

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