US Overdose Deaths Pass 100K During Pandemic | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the surge in opioid deaths in America since the coronavirus pandemic began to understand its causes and what it means for our society as a whole

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  1. Every time you all talk about West Virginia or Appalachia I’m reminded people can talk about us without demeaning us. A lot coverage about us always feels like their just making fun of us. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for talking about the things that truly matter. I pay for a Hulu and an HBO subscription, but i think i have to put my priorities in order and back the Amazing work you guys are doing. Thank you a million times thank you.

  3. So you want the Federal Government to be in control of everyone's Lives? Is that what I am hearing? One of the reasons we have so many problems now is because huge numbers of people take no responsibility for their actions, if you make the government responsible it will get worse because government cannot do anything well.

  4. Don't want to sound grim but opiod addiction is skewed down on the age scale primarily due to very high mortality rates.
    I'm sure other factors play a part too, but it's such a deadly addition, people simply overdose before they grow old.

  5. With the PCR false positive tests (Kerry Mullis would say almost all false positives) and people dying with covid classified as dying "of covid",
    fentanyl has killed more people in the last 2 years than covid, second to the vaccines themselves with all of their drop dead athletes
    and reporters.
    Pfizer can lie on their trial all cause death data and everyone puts up with it. Why don't you get some balls and expose this, K and S???

  6. So….. We are just going to ignore that the war on drugs was another fruitless war on black Americans?!! The United States has yet to apologize for starting that fruitless war in an effort to boost the prison industrial complex.

  7. A hundred thousand people in the last 12 months have died from opioid / Fentanyl!
    And I've heard it's coming in from China I asked a simple question why does our government not stop this when they can I would like to know the son of a 31-year old man that I went to school with just passed away yesterday from fentanyl use smoking pills crushed up…… again when is our government going to stop this from happening !!!!!

  8. If your life gets destroyed by government policy, you are going to self medicate.
    Alcohol, various illegal drugs, opiods specifically, and finally add in the suic*des. 5x increase in suic*des in the 10-12 age group in some areas. If you subtract the "covid related" deaths from the actual covid deaths…the overdose/suic*de rate about matches the covid deaths.

  9. Fentonal and other drugs from China, Mexico, Pakistan…..South America….cold hearted cartels are willing to "kill" just for money….!!

    We need to use our military to go to war with these killers…!!

  10. The problem with the opiate narrative is that it focuses on the abuse of it, but for people that have cancer or other legitimate health issues, opiates are far better than the alternatives for pain. Doctors are now dealing with the politics of it at the detriment of their patients.

  11. Liberals and libertarians wont agree to detain people for drug use. Conservatives wont pay for the mandatory treatment programs. Thus no one has an effective solution for the addiction epidemic.

  12. Thank you Krystal for pointing out that overdoses have gone up since they pulled everyone's scripts. People weren't dying at the rate they are now when they had access to oxycodone. Prohibition is the real thing that's exasperating the opioid crisis.

  13. 100k deaths caused by Pharma.

    Wanna rethink your vaccine boot licking now? The people responsible for this segment being a thing are the people whos pockets you are lining with that BS

  14. All of these deaths 100% of them can be attributed to the criminal and corrupt DEA who have decided to take aim at the low hanging fruit of pain management doctors and pain patients who prior to the DEA enforcement against them we're able to manage their patients and see them every 30 days and make sure they were taking their medicines correctly and make sure they weren't increasing their doses and they weren't diverting the medicine and they did this for well over 80% of all people that needed opiates to improve the quality of their lives. But a small percentage between 5 and 20% of pain patients needed to have other types of interventions because they couldn't take the medications properly and the monthly management of these patients ensure that those patients were identified now people like myself and veins of others who need opiate medications to improve the quality of their lives because of multiple chronic diseases and disorders are not able to get that relief that we need in the quality of our lives as been vastly impacted negatively. And this is all because the DEA doesn't go after drug lords and illegal drugs they go after the low-hanging fruit of doctors to justify their enormous budget it's grotesque it's sickening people used to be managed and able to get their pain medications it doesn't happen anymore and it's gross so where do people turn? They turn to the streets and they get poisoned with fentanyl and the DEA is responsible leadership and even the DEA agents on the streets that have gone after doctors and pain patients should be in prison for the rest of their lives for all the havoc that they've wrought

  15. In the 2016 campaign, there were issues until the democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of his nomination and then all of the issues were dropped and the democrats were stampeded into Biden and Harris. I really hate the democrats, personally!

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