US People’s Convoy blocked from protesting in DC

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal visited the US People’s Convoy this March as it disembarked from its base in Hagerstown, Maryland to Washington DC, where it was blocked by DC Metro Police and federal authorities from entering the city for a planned peaceful protest. Convoy participants explained to Blumenthal why they took to the road to protest vaccine mandates and Covid-related restrictions, while some voiced grievances about the leadership’s cautious strategy.

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  1. Let's put something strait here….

    WTP need no 'permits' to protest for liberty and freedom..

    Hope this video gives us good 'mileage' toward taking our country back from the clutches of MSM and those power elite who ordained their propaganda and lies for control over WTP. Great work as always Max. 👏👏👏👏👍

  2. I live on the other side of the globe from USA. And to me all these news and reports collectively says that there will be a civil war soon.

  3. Many Americans can't wait to watch the Watergate/Iran Contra-like criminal investigation inside Congress for the purpose of identifying the mass murderous criminals behind the (intentional) brutal, deadly suppression of the extraordinary COVID-destroying drug ivermectin.

    How many Americans died tragically – and needlessly – due to that mind-numbing, unprecedented, monstrously cold-hearted criminal suppression? Some have estimated 500,000 Americans were without question straight up murdered….

  4. Whether you agree w the motivation behind this peaceful attempt for redress to their grievances fr Congressional Representatives or not, the idea that citizens are effectively ignored through police action should concern everyone. I'm no constitutional scholar, but the right to peacefully protest shouldn't be abridged by political representatives and their agents. The fact that they CAN do this is a lesson.

    One of the truckers pointedly stated they weren't committing crimes and burning cities, as an uninformed and backhanded dig against BLM protesters I assume. Well, it appears these "good Americans" got their first lesson on being marginalized and ignored. Pretty frustrating huh? To paraphrase some famous blowhard – when peaceful protest is stymied, violent protest becomes inevitable.

  5. There is no telling how many have infiltrated this group and relay info to "officials." You don't protest by dates and permission from the group you're protesting– makes no sense and ALWAYS fails!

  6. I hope Joshua Wong understand what he have done to HK’s roadways for 6 months, even airport and subway got affected as compared to this in the US.

  7. Yanks always talking about freedom and guns and suddenly they find out they have not much freedom at all and as far as using their guns.. nah, it’s all talk. I have to say I few for them..

  8. I understand the logic behind the protest. However, telegraphing your intent one year after the January 6th insurrection is not the way to do it. The national security infrastructure is always hyperactive since 9/11 and a protest to block the roads here will trigger an automatic response. If you are going to do something like this, don't give advance notice through social media. Too many eyes will know in advance about it and not get the best response. See @16:00 to prove my point.

  9. Max, every time I hear that you are covering a story, delivering a speech or presenting your incredible insights as a guest on The Jimmy Dore Show, I’m glued. I have profound appreciation and respect for you. Thank you for your hard work and for holding the line of freedom, daring to speak the truth in a world full of sell out “journalists.” You are making a massive difference. 🙏🏻💕

  10. These mandates are inhumane. Viruses aren't the problem. So called 'intelligent' people are rolling over like indoctrinated slaves. That's what's making society sick.

  11. "Do as we say, not as we do!"
    Americans are sick of the bullshit coming from the so-called elected officials.
    If they were truly elected we'd actually get a fuckign real choice.

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