US pours billions into Ukraine proxy war while keeping public in the dark

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The US House has approved another $40 billion for the proxy war in Ukraine, all while the realities on the ground are being concealed. Seth Harp, an investigative journalist and US Army veteran who recently reported from Ukraine, on the hidden realities of the dangerous conflict.

Guest: Seth Harp. Journalist, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, and US Army veteran who served in Iraq.

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  1. Politicians serving the military industrial complex and not the American people. It will not end well and we’ll be the ultimate ones who pay the price.

  2. It would be easier to find sympathy for the Ukraine people if a single Ukraine had any sympathy for the tens of thousands of Russian speaking Ukraine s murdered by the Ukraine nazi militants units over the past 8 years. If you are so sure about the black and white line that Russia has crossed in spite of the instigation from the West, then where is your criticism of the US for the dozen third world countries the we have

  3. This rolling stone "journalist" is just an Oligarchy propagandist. He does not tell of both sides. He pushes Nato propaganda without investigating it. Worst mate interview I have seen.

  4. Interesting interview and perspective from an antiwar Ukrainian supporter who believes the invasion was a complete violation and that it nullifies any attempt by Russia to defend ethnic Russians and their independence (after 8 years and many deaths).
    It seems that Russia has tried for a very long time to be part of Europe and even NATO. Even though they basically won WWII, they have always been shunned and demonized. It's mystifying.
    No one has answered your important question of whether Russia had any other course of action besides direct invasion.
    What are your thoughts on what Putin could have done.

  5. I like how he reports A and B, but refuses to add them up to get the conclusion A+B=C!
    Dead people in a city that the Russians left (unusual) + Ukrainian forces closing the area for 48 hrs (questionable behavior) = it's a Ukrainian false flag (refusing to accept that these Nazis and fanatics will commit crimes against their own people to achieve their devious goals)

  6. I like how he assumes the worse in Russians in terms of committing murder of civilians, but is unable to accept that Nazis will kill their own citizens to achieve their goal of escalation and getting NATO involved!

  7. My take was that they tried to take Kiev as a quick thing but were okay with it just occupying 🇺🇦 regulars, and were not too convinced that they would absolutely win the entire country. That there were plans if that early decisiveness was to never happen.

  8. I saw this when it was posted and I think it is the first video on the real left that is from the other side. Thanks to Aaron and Seth Harp for important information on US special ops and Ukraine's desire for peace negotiations totally blocked by the US, of course.
    Since the US always has the same playbook, I will take them at their word about regime change not because of the usual "save democracy" crap but because they want control over Russia's huge oil and gas reserves.

  9. When you don't know anything about the history of the conflict it's easy to be as naive as this sunflower boy. I swear there are no adults in the west except maybe William Burns. Nyet means nyet. When you push boundaries don't be surprised when you get pushback.

  10. Says War crime is invasion itself lol. Russia tried to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine with the Minsk agreements but GUESS WHO DIDN'T HOLD UP TO THEIR SIDE OF THE AGREEMENT? THE UKRAINIANS. The war crimes are the shelling of Donbas for 8 years gets no mention when you don't understand the significance of the history of the conflict. Svoix ne brosaem is a motto any Ukrainian would stand behind. The west wants to destroy Russia with such vitriolic hatred the Russians are truly fighting for their right to exist at all as a sovereign people. But capitalism is ultimately the problem, the arrogant imperialists cannot accept peer competitors as a matter of principle. So we push conflicts to the limits and engage in proxy wars because we hate the idea of a sovereign Russia so much. They must be subordinate to the west.

  11. I guess this is the quality of guest you are reduced to now.
    Even Scott Ritter has sold out… Pretty obvious what's up.

    At around 6:00 I decided to UNSUBSCRIBE…
    everyone knows the SBU were responsible for Bucha. 👋

  12. 5:37 American veteran of Iraq invasion: "The major war crime people should be alarmed about is the invasion itself. Invading a sovereign country is a clear black and white line. " Now I've heard it all!

  13. Better journalism on the DURAN with Alex and Alexander
    Also watch George Galloway
    This channel has lost its edge not me saying this many ppl

  14. 5:15 "Do u hav any insight into what really hap at bucha"
    Bigger atrocity is the russian invasion? Then goes onto giv some garbled rubbish. "Ukrainian civilians say russian soldiers left them alone…but I think the Russians were responsible blah." No pushback from Aaron? Shud hav asked him if he's funded by NED/Soros.

  15. He is completely biased….odd that there is NO access To any of the wounded soldiers in hospitals or home, battle zones or interviews with current soldiers/military leaders. All lies, the pressure should be on establishing PEACE not more weapons.

  16. He is paid to bring a certain narrative. You will bend yourself in a pretzel to make excuses. Sorry aaron, not a good guest. But thanks for trying to bring someone else on for a different view point

  17. Not interested in what this person "thinks" happened. Not interested in what this person "feels" happened. Either show proof or gtfo. Not watching a video about what someone else "thinks"… thanks. Im sure there's a place for this video on cnn or fox or whatever R.A.T CIA site to show their bs.

  18. This guy is basically a CNN viewer who knows just enough to get it all wrong, the fact that he works for Rolling Stone explains alot.

  19. I was wondering how legit this guy was… then I realized he is a editor for rolling stones. ahhh… I did my double take and – wait who the fuck is this guy – when he claimed that less than 6 of the guys going over and saying "I'm volunteering because I love USA and freedom" have nazi motivations. Crack journalism. Really the nazi's didn't say I'm pretty nazi to the guy that looks like he is east Indian journalist, for super lefty mag rolling stones? yep, definitely less than 6. I appreciate you talking to different people Aaron, but I think I'll take anyone from Rolling Stones with a grain of salt to say the least.

  20. Canadian Sniper was there un the frontline and has spoken about it, you even mention the georgian intl división, you are not making sense, and you dont seem to know a lot about the country

  21. Personally, I hope Russia is victorious by the end of August 2022. I want Biden to get kicked in the nuts TWICE IN ONE YEAR. It would be AWESOME!! The intelligence "community ", media and political elites will look like idiots.

  22. Although I'm critical to US imperialism and Western media manipulation, I appreciate that Aaron Maté is interviewing this Western mainstream journalist because:
    – He is more open and less one-sided then most other Western mainstreamers.
    – This helps to reduce the polarisation and find truth and solutions.
    – Opens The Grayzone to others who usually follow the Western mainstream and so they later may listen here to a guy like Scott Ritter etc.

  23. The so called attack on Kiev was in my opinion a diversion based on my own Combat experience. The atrocities in Bucha were based upon fake information. You haven’t observed the bahavior of death itself, the bodies weren’t bloated like bodies do with passage of time. You didn’t see what happened in Donbas and the threat from Nazi behavior. You are too young to understand Nazi Behavior therefore naive in that area.

  24. Guest: 'Russian invaders'. Way to ride the fence, bro. Don't hurt your balls up there. NATO invaded Ukraine with 'Gladio' AZOV battalion and Victoria Nuland in 2014 Maidan color revolution and the Ukrainian army has been shelling Russian speaking, Soviet-pride identifying civilians in Dombass who refused to bow to the Washington coup d'etat puppet government. When Russian 'invaded' Ukraine (which is like Washington invading Virginia, btw) they were responding to the massing of Ukrainian troops on the Dombass war border. Russia merely entered the war to save Russian lives in Ukraine. I can't wait for your take when China 'invades' Taiwan.

  25. The average ukrainian may not fellow Ukrainians but Azov are not your average Ukrainias they are nazi psychos and to say you can't see Azov killing other Ukrainians is like saying you can't see nazis killing fellow Germans during WW2. I find this statement very suspicious. Perhaps his disgusting with Russia is clouding his judgment. You can't just dismiss Azovs possible guilt out of hand like that. Azov does not care another Ukrainians and look at the war crimes we know they have committed. He is letting emotion get in the way of objectivity. I also find not wanting to condem Azov suspicious.

  26. See Natalia comments below I agree with her wholeheartedly it's true that this guy didn't reach the Jesus echelon that's so many of of you want Aaron did a fantastic job by providing us information from somebody on the ground in Ukraine

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