US Soldier Films Chaos From MRAP Gunner Turret In Kabul

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There has been piles of videos coming out of the chaotic effort to evacuate US and partner nation personnel from the Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), but this is the first footage we have received that was filmed by an actual service member taking part in the evacuation security operations.

The footage is filmed by a turret gunner in a mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle, and it shows the use of AH-64 Apache gunships to clear the runway for C-17 aircraft. It also gives scope of the massive crowd of desperate Afghans that are hoping to hitch a ride out of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

More recent reports suggest that the military side of the aircraft has been cleared of the Afghan mob and evacuations are being executed at approximately one flight per hour, and thousands of people leaving the country per day. An additional infantry battalion, with equipment, deployed to Kabul to help regain and retain security. The DOD stated an approximate 4,000 US troops are now on the ground for the 82nd Airborne Division-led evacuation effort.


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  1. US propaganda infected many Afghans. A mind virus. They betrayed and facilitated the murder of their countrymen and the ransacking of that nation to support the US. The least the US could have done is taken them back to the mainland.

  2. Being a former officer of the Italian Air Force, I am always on the side of our NATO military allies, who have found themselves here, through no fault of their own, to manage an incandescent situation … Great job guys … !!! You have all my respect, always ready to intervene where things get problematic … Thanks guys for your service … !!!

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