US Stores Begin Food Rationing, Liberal Celebs SPIT In Our Face Supporting Recession & Gas Prices

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  1. China killing cats and dogs might lead to other problems. In medieval times, cats were seen as witches and were being killed, so when the plague came on the back of rats, there were no cats to stop them. And we've seen in places like LA with rampant homelessness how certain diseases are making a comeback.

  2. A lefty like Bill would probably be for executing 99% of everyone just for the minutes worth of satisfaction of thinking he upheld any one thing of his leftist ideals. This is who these people are and getting them to be any different is a waste of energy.

  3. While there were more cases and deaths of covid in 2021 a lower percentage of the total population died in 2021 compared to 2020.

    1% of the US population died in 2020
    0.9% of the US population died in 2021

    The higher numbers are just scary and freak out politicians to start harsher lock downs. It is a recession of our own design.

  4. I Know this will affect all of us but I have to say I hope it's worse for those that voted for Biden
    personally I have been stocking up with food and supplies for the past two years and I continue to do so.

  5. In the new feudal system you wont have the choice of where to live.

    Food can be used to move people into the cities by "Prioritizing" large population centers. The pandemic is further evidence that people are easier to control when piled on top of each other.

  6. I rely on formula for my 6m old. We had to switch his formula last month because our stores near us never have it. They now have signs up stating 2 containers per visit and they extremely watchful of how much people are buying now.

  7. I'm not evil for saying I don't give a damn about what's happening in Ukraine. Sure it's horrible what the Ukrainian citizens are going through but I have to worry about myself and my family first. If my bf can't afford gas in his car to go to work, we can't afford to live in our apartment or eat.

    Just because some random stranger is willing to take on hardships for others doesn't mean I can. People are making it out to be that paying this unavoidable increase is a virtue signal. Fuck them.

  8. these people like Bill Maher are unforgivable. you don't get to go back and change your mind. you were told two years ago, you didn't care the cost of getting rid of the big bad orange man.

  9. The fact that this is over some recall and not an actual shortage from all the other BS just showcases Tim Pools intent to hype up the hysteria. Don't forget to prep with Tim!

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