US Supreme Court TAKES On Biden Vax Mandate | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 932

Is the Biden vaccine mandate in danger? The Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in a case that’s challenging the Biden vax mandate for employers with more than 100 employees. A Texas federal judge has ordered the FDA to release all information on the vaccine data by the end of this year — not 2097. Senator Ted Cruz is in hot water after using the phrase “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” and Fox News host Tucker Carlson is not having it. Did Sen. Cruz misspeak? The U.S. economy doesn’t look good as the new jobs report lists an estimated 199,000 jobs in December. Are President Biden and his administration paying attention?

Disclaimer: The content of this episode does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-19 and/or COVID vaccine related questions & concerns.

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  1. Sorry Doyle, but as someone who's been through the federal system, they absolutely couldn't care less about intent. You can try and argue intent at sentencing, but even then, they have mandatory guide lines to follow.

  2. Oh man! I'm sooo glad someone finally said it about Cruz! He went down to the border and said this and said that but he DIDN'T DO ANYTHING about it! All he does is just talk! He needs to just shut up and sit down. He's an embarrassment to our state. I've said that from the beginning. Thank you!!!

  3. At the end if the day why would you have two John Doyals on? The talk thr same act the same. John's friend cant get on his own so we will try to help? This episode was laughable

  4. Sotomayor, breyer, and kagan are shockingly ill informed and thus unprepared, despite 2 plus years of wuflu hysteria. These seem totally inside the beltway bubble, and completely isolated from the pressing concerns of the public

  5. Why it matters… how about that millions of Americans all over the country will be fired or prevented from working once all the test run out again. They ran out over Christmas. They're running out now due to thread of no work.

    And if it's able to conclude, millions will lose their homes, and be left to roam the streets with no money for food. It's winter in the US. Many people will "expire" due to cold, rather than starve. This could possibly become a genocide.

  6. Thank you. More women in power treat you like your dumb than men. Better to be mean..antagonists. belittling..superior.. backstabbing to prove a point. Never understood it. Started working at 12 and every job I had there was always at least 1 women.

  7. The death rate worldwide has not yet reached 6 million out of a total population of 7 1/2 billion! That is a tiny fraction and doesn’t warrant all the restrictions put in place by governments.

  8. John Doyle hit the nail on the head in the last segment talking about shaming people for wanting material things. That is exactly what communism and socialism is, the upper tier of society gets all the finest things, meanwhile tells you that if you want it you can't have it because it is not necessary and stop being selfish. The LEFT used to come out against the 1% in fact when it comes to tax laws they still want the wealthy to pay more…except every one of them thinks they should be exempt from it. Same with covid rules, every politician, celebrity and media member screams at the peasants to follow the rules, the same rules they get busted for violating on a daily basis. The Left is not for the people, the Left is for power and control over the people.

  9. Please tell me I'm not the only one who think John Doyle and Aldo look similar? I didn't see who Aldo was at first and thought that John got filler injections or just gained some healthy weight. Or was it his haircut? DUR- Really do love this show.

  10. Doyle saying “you are not above God”. Is the Blaze a religious Tv station? Didn’t know when I signed up may have to cancel. If your manipulated by a book that encourages cannibalism and incest. Oh it was just Adam and Eve how was there not incest?

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