US Threatens Africa To Support Ukraine War

The mainstream US media likes to depict support for Ukraine in its struggle against Russia as universal, implying a united global community pushing back against the aggressive, imperialist-minded Putin. In reality the global south is not on board with this narrative, with the nations of Africa in particular preferring to stay neutral in this war and primarily evincing concern with ending the fighting to ensure that domestic food scarcity doesn’t worsen. But that’s not good enough for the US and Europe, which have begun implicitly threatening African nations with consequences if they don’t fall in line and declare their full-throated support for Ukraine.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger are joined by independent journalist Hermela Aregawi ( to discuss the Ukraine War’s role in food scarcity in the Horn of Africa and Democratic war criminal Samantha Power’s recent visit to the region to drum up opposition to Putin and Russia.

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  1. Russian president is very smart man. He is not like other 3 world countries. Russian president Vladimir Putin he flip on the other side of the coins 🪙 on the west & Nato's&European, now they ended up Crisis on there own Recestion,Nato's&European&others leaders They are mafia dictatorship misleading Corrupted leadership blood thirsty evils lier facke, they about to go down they are worried about themselves to get fucking out the door, like Trump say get them hell out

  2. Russian president is (OG KGB), but the Nato's&European&others Corrupted leaders They fuck't up with a big bear,Ukrainian president needs to give up mostly his country is very bad damaged,and using our taxes by $55 billion-plus sells woppens on line,WFT is going on

  3. The grain that came to Europe is not being shared with Africa yeah they really care about the minerals
    Africa needs to kick out all the evils no entrance for I while!

  4. She mentions the last 4 years of the kiosk that's been happening and that's the starting of the pandemic and the paragraph that the Democrats were pulling for and a lot of stuff throughout the world was moving as well and then Biden was appointed as American president and started his tornado of executive orders and moving the ball that much quicker I don't see a good outcome here but good people need to work together. This cabal of Elites domestic and foreign need to stop using and creating conflict domestic or foreign.

  5. Jimmy please inform yourself on the HOA. The government in Ethiopia is waging an ethnic war and has commuted crimes against humanity in the name of fighting terrorism. Its very easy to label the other side as terrorist just to justify your actions… You should know that.

  6. Went to Ethiopia. It isn't desert. They have good soil to produce west and other agriculture products. What they are telling in the West is total lie. They take people's money send to Sub-Saharan Africa for their companies under "charities" name . Meanwhile bring blacks into white countries for cheap labour.
    BTW there is no such a thing "Africans" This is more than a skin colour nor ethnicity. There are two major religion. And just like Asia there are there are many different languages as well. In South Africa there are three different races living, which includes white Europeans. North west Africa is white, north east Africa is mixed race, eastern Africa is mixed race, and rest of Africa has 6 genetically different black races.

  7. What was grotesque is what the US doing all around the world. She must have forgotten US Australia UK Canada bombing North Korean dam submerging houses and rice paddies that created a famine in that country. All of a sudden humanitarian.

  8. Us Afrikanos we prefer Russia over the West, hell to the Ukraine wheat, this is not about food it's about forces of evil against forces of good and we side with the good guys 😉 Putin isn't alone in this

  9. Technology and overpopulation/ in 1950 the world host 2.5 billion people ⚖🛡⚔/ in 2022 there are 8 billion people / the role of technology is to ease work, increase leisure replace👩‍🔧 the working force/ 😥 in 1776 Africans where ship to america to work on cotton farms,🐕‍🦺🐑 slave machines that collected the cotton/ 🚌industrial revolution came and brought automobiles & tractor 🚜Africans slave machines are no longer needed. the population exploded. War" did not reduce the population rather increased the population. creating rampan immigration and destroying the equilibrium north south devastating nature manufacturing havoc viruses climate chaos, deceases. Computers🤔📱📡🛒 Artificial Intelligence & Bitcoin are increasing the unemployment & destroying the environment. The cause is a 17 century mentality logic & reason with 21 century tools ⚙. Nothing will change until the logic of the system is change⌚ running a lot faster than in 1776 / A day like a week/ A week like a month/ A month like a year. The problem "Not Ukraine zalesnki morals & the American Empire: A global upgrade of consciousness 🕰 intelligence is required & it is not the economist the IMF, wall street* WORLD bank that understand. 😥🤑🤐/ 🤔🎨🎭🩰🎼

  10. Her audience is the democratic party voter. EVERYTHING, thos government is doing is for the Democratic party voter. In order to maintain the Democratic party and establishment Republican party control of the government to keep robbing the American people blind.

  11. Africans are not so dumb ,they have all the leads ,they know a war was started in US and Russia attacked first in a bid to avoid their country turning into a battle ground ,and poor thinkers like Zelenky accepted American challenge to turn Ukraine into a battle field ,by whatever decision he made

  12. One thing about these people is that they don't know that Africans don't depend on grain alone. They have cassava, corn, cocoyam, milkets, sorghum etc. Stop blaming Russia in everything.

  13. How ridiculous, senseless and baseless are the claims made by the West and its msm about the Ukrainian grains.
    If successfully exported, how much of these grains if any, will reach the coast of Africa ?

    I say zero.

    In so far, there has been statements from some Ukrainian officials that 5 million out of the 20 million tons of the Ukrainian wheat has already been exported through Romania and sold in Europe to feed European farmers’ staving livestocks.

    How does Africa fits in that distribution process ?

  14. Has Samantha Powel undergone a sex change operation and a frontal lobotomy at the same time? I have never heard awoman so rabidly vicious and so illogical as she is. Can she really sprout such extreme nonsense and still believe her own rhetoric.

  15. Free speech means she gets to gas off with her lies and you guys get to laugh hysterically. As long as everyone remembers common stupidity is when you take a partial view of a situation and act as if it represents the whole situation.

  16. Ethiopia and Somalia (the horn of africa) is sub-marginal land which is unfit for human habitation, the horn of Africa is the only part of Africa which experiences repeated famines because people should not be living there.

  17. You would think that some in Africa support Russia and their effort to put a stop to the ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine. After all, that's up close and personal for them.

  18. Here in America we ship things, such as grain, to other parts of the country by rail. European countries should look to America for inspiration and get busy building a similar railway system.

  19. Liars, predictors, warmongers, thieves, creators of terrorists, sponsors of terrorists, bullies, terrorists and destroyers of human race should be called out for who
    they really are.

    The West, in its actions throughout the centuries, has lost the respect and control of the rest of the world.

    The battle for the control of the mind
    Is lost.

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