US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser

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Former Swiss intelligence officer and NATO adviser Jacques Baud on the next phase of the Russia-Ukraine war and new allegations that the US and UK undermined a peace deal that could have ended it.

The West’s aim “is not the victory of Ukraine, It’s the defeat of Russia,” Baud says. “The problem is that nobody cares about Ukraine. We have just instrumentalized Ukraine for the purpose of US strategic interests — not even European interests.”

Guest: Jacques Baud. Former intelligence officer with the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service who has served in a number of senior security and advisory positions at NATO, the United Nations, and with the Swiss military.


In his Sept. 21 speech, Putin did not make an explicit threat to use nuclear weapons. He vowed to “make use of all weapon systems available to us,” in the event of “a threat to the territorial integrity of our country and to defend Russia and our people.”

On nuclear weapons, the US did not have a “No First Use” policy. On the 2020 campaign trail, Joe Biden said that he supported the idea of “No First Use.” He abandoned that in his presidential nuclear posture; but that was reversing his campaign stance, not official US policy.

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  1. World leaders involved this nuclear game of chicken are like children; apparently they are so dense they think their side can win a nuclear war. Truss, Biden & his neocon insane advisers, Putin, Zelenskyy are all a bunch of dimwitted characters right out of Dr. Strangelove. One infantile tantrum from any of these freaks & we're all dead meat.

  2. I watched that Putin speech as well. Jacques is right. Putin said that since there were statements from "high representatives of leading NATO countries" about using nukes, they should remember that Russia also has nukes. It's more of a counter-threat than anything.

  3. Italy's new leader has already came out and said she will continue supporting Zelensky! All our nations are being intentionally driven into the ground as fast as possible. I believe they will continue crashing the economy just to initiate this cashless society integrated with esg scores so they can turn our money off if we dissent! It's already happening with PayPal and others: ie Canadian truckers

  4. It's now more obvious than ever that dealing with the US and its minions is dealing with insanity. Are the Russians aware they're facing a demon, the most evil ever to possess humanity? The demonic has already devoured Capitol Hill and most all its western puppets. See how Liz Truss is applauded in her push for nuclear war. Surely, the Russians now know that US leaders with their British and EU minions are totally overcome by the demon's madness. My book FROM BABYLON TO HERE spells it out. Britain and the EU have sunk themselves. Both are being sucked into the gaping black hole of the forecoming US abyss. What's about to befall humanity will even shake China's current complacency. But, as few have paid heed to the Prophets, it would be naive to expect them to now.

  5. Jaque is a very brave & Knowlegable man regarding NATO Russia and this conflict with Ukraine, I believe he is ex NATO intelligence & warsaw pact Analyst as well as having been on the ground in Ukraine as a NATO-Ukraine military Trainer, hardly a more qualified person in this matter, (though Scott Ritter has to come very close). Putin is correct in his mentioning that Russia has some, more technologically advanced weapons at it's disposal than NATO, (though this is probably only for a limited period as the US/NATO spend more on their military tech than the rest of the world combined. Russia has two Hypersonic Missile systems, NATO none though one or more scram jet systems are on the way by 2024. Russia has the most advanced/largest Thermaobaric/Air burst weapons. Russia has the best Airdefense systems, from Buk to S550's and all in between. Russia has the Tzar Bomba, the largest Nuclear bomb in the world. Russia has the Sarmat-2 / SATAN-2(NATO designation) the largest ICBM in the world, which may be capable of carrying up to 20 independently targettable nuclear warheads, compared to SAREMAT's original 10. Russia has a Nuclear powered Submarine drone with unlimited range that can either be used to sink Carriers or carry Nuclear warheads to take out entire coastal cities, with Radioactive tidal waves. Russia "may" also have a Nuclear powered aerial drone that could be nuclear armed (I haven't seen the actual evidence) with unlimited range and loitering capability/defense evasion capability that could hit any target anywhere in the world… These weapons and systems give Russia an unprecidented edge over every other military on the planet "at this stage". Russia's Thermo baric Airburst weapons are said to be near equal to a Nuclear warhead in damage capacity, which is an issue as Russia doesn't need to use Nuclear to decimate a country like Ukraine. Which poses a dilema, if used does this justify a Nuclear response? The fact that the US and NATO engineered this conflict so that Putin had no other choice, yet use such well versed Propaganda that it makes Putin look like the protagonist is a terrible thing for the average person who doesn't research outside of Fox or CNN, as they will also believe that Russia has crappy weapons systems and isn't really a threat to NATO or the mercenaries NATO is throwing into Ukraine.

  6. I don't know why Aaron repeats the assertion that Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons per se. I watched his speech, and he said that certain high officials in the West had said that they were prepared to use nuclear weapons, and said that Russia would respond in kind, and added that Russia even had some more devastating weapons than those in the American arsenal.

    No matter what both sides are saying hypothetically, the danger of possessing nuclear weapons at all is demonstrated: should any side be on the verge of defeat in a war, then the temptations to resort to the use of these weapons would be hard to resist.

  7. Warmonger Sen. Lindsey Graham told the TRUTH at @28:15 that WE WILL PROVIDE THE MILITARY ARMAMENT TO UKRAINE SO THAT UKRAINE CAN FIGHT UNTIL LAST MAN……. OMG, the warmonger is speaking the TRUTH and stupid Ukraine continues to be the Cannon Fodder for the U.S. Military Industrial & Congressional Complex ! Good Bye, Poor Uke….

  8. There’s an obvious refusal to confront the elephant in Ukraine’s loving room…somebody’s deeply cynical grasping at tenuous pretext to attempt escalation

  9. be nice to know how Russia was provoked all through the autumn of 2021 when their army was marshaling west and north of Ukraine … and obody thought Russia would crumble…on the contrary

  10. My understanding Firstly I'm anti war. ALL I see is innocent people in the billions being either killed or hurt for no good reasons. I see systems and institutions develope to serve the people being bought with the money made from the war evil ones forced into being, Now the evil ones have worked their way into what has been the most powerful seats in the world, America. They have almost shut down all the mouths that are willing to speak the truth about what they see and hear. Journalist are being held to ransom by the unlawful imprisonment of Julian Assange a publisher being held in the high security prison Belmash in England London. After spending 8 years in and Embassy who protected him from being kidnapped from the streets of England and taken away to America. This alone shows the respect the American government has for laws. How is it that America can just decide to change the first strike policy put in place by international law?

    However, Putin has never threatened the use of nuclear weapons by my understanding from what I've heard him say (from the few journalist videos and programs able to say something). and of course the one Russian diplomate who speaks English well.

    it is my understanding and seems to me that Russia has felt the need to remind America that they are a nuclear armed country and they will use whatever means they need to defend themselves from economically and Militarily (again my interpretation In short this is not Afghanistan or another cold war) that's clear. Now within a certain context would Putin push the button? Putin like Liz Truss has said he is not bluffing. Now we can play games but that's yes.

    Is this Russia threatening America and those who aline themselves with America?
    Is this Liz Truss threatening Russia? Here is where bias (personal) can enter the frame. To deal with this question we (I) should look at factual history, track record. History takes care of personal bias. Russia history is not the same as the American one. Look at the history and decided who if so? might be threatening who. Also, who draws first blood for me sets up the moral high ground. And let's be honest I'm not the only I applying this principal. America is when they repeat Russia attacked Ukrainian. Yes, they did but, did they draw first blood? No they did not.

  11. Liz Truss the current clown in 10 downing street, would be ready to use Nuclear weapons if necessary, but someone should have asked her is she ready to see most of the people of the UK die from the use of Hypersonic weapons against such an action?

  12. The thing about the changes in the US nuclear policy is that it says it will only use them if anything in the US's strategic interest is challenged. But isn't that everything in fact? Isn't that its global hegemony? Isn't it its dollar trade currency dominance floundering? That's why the change to the nuclear position is dangerous for the rest of the world because the US takes offense at any pissy little thing, or just makes shit up if it wants war.

  13. The point is to that, geo-politically, militarily and in foreign policy terms, the USA has acted like an unhinged, rogue nation for 30 years, that has become a pariah on the world stage which Russia, China, Pakistan and India and North Korea have been following closely. They have in place strategic responses to all possible attacks by the USA and have been preparing for the US nervous break down for 20 years. When that comes, the US won't know what hit it, and the world will be glad that it has been put in its place (putting Britain in its place at the same time), so we can all breath a sigh of relief.

  14. You start out wrong from the word go. Putin did not threaten to use nuclear weapons. He did not. USA did. Why don't you say that? It appears to me your betray probable bias from the word go or at least sloppy attention to detail.

  15. While the main objective of the US is obviously to force regime change and weaken Russia, forcing Germany to abandon Nord Stream 2 and buy the much more expensive US gas, was another objective of the US-engineered war in Ukraine. For the corporate-controlled US fraudulently disguised as a 'democracy', everything is about money. Biden told the president of Ukraine to sack the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden or Ukraine would not get the $1 billion aid from the US. Hunter Biden and Zelensky are bankrolled by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky. Joe Bribe'em and Hunter Bio'den.

  16. What a horrible English Leader! It's really unbelievable to see that so many Leaders have not been concerned with starting Peace Talks…I suppose that they think that nuclear weapons are just a game! Game over and we win! Really?

  17. Those regions in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are the most productive with richest resources Ukrain would need for healthy economy, since they are joining Russia now, the collective West and Europe will soon have to dump Zelensky, Kiev and the rest of Western Ukraine, unless they want to expose themselves and admit that their plan was to invade Russia, and willing to destroy all of Ukraine to may be accomplish their goal, and how long would the European people can survive, eventually people will rise up, and all the regimes will have to be toppled and changed.

  18. We're being fed propaganda from U$ on a massive scale. Proven in the Stanford report on U$ misinformation "Unheard Voice: Evaluating five years of pro-Western covert influence operations". Getting the truth out is an uphill battle. U$ hegemony needs to end before it destroys the world.

  19. Liz Truss was not asked whether she would push the proverbial nuclear button and defend her country. The interrogator assumed she would. The interrogator gave her, instead, an opportunity to show her statesmanship, to show she understood the horrors of such a situation, to show she would be thoughtful and understood the consequences. She failed on all counts. She showed herself to be bloodthirsty, shallow, unreflective, inhumane, amoral, brutish, crude, simple-minded and ruthless, i.e. dangerous. That's the problem.

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