US war lobby fuels conflict in Russia, Ukraine, and Syria: ex-Pentagon advisor

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Douglas Macgregor, a retired US Army Colonel and former Pentagon senior advisor, analyzes the US-Russia standoff in Ukraine; the aftermath of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan; Trump’s failure to act on 2016 campaign anti-interventionist rhetoric, only to surround himself with neocons; and the ongoing, overlooked US military occupation of Syria after the decade-long CIA dirty war.

“The Military Industrial Congressional Complex,” Macgregor says, “seems to be more powerful than anyone who occupies the office of the presidency.”

Guest: Douglas Macgregor, retired US Army Colonel and former Pentagon senior advisor.

Written by The Grayzone

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  1. Excellent video, a counter to US and UK propaganda. Not that this interview will ever appear, or even be acknowledged by the BBC or the MSM. So there are sane people high up in the US, but only either voluntarily or forcefully retired.

  2. The amorality and criminality of American foreign policy is breathtaking. America's celebrated "exceptionalism" is simply a riff on the Nazis's "master race" nonsense. In other words just another excuse to slaughter innocents in service to wealth and power.

  3. Couldn't take more than a minute of this POS infiltrating my life. No offense, Aaron, I know you're trying to give an open platform (even allowing us to see monsters like this), bit I just don't have the stomach for it.

  4. People that have to come out of their caves to fight us, probably aren't a real threat to America. We definitely need to have that democracy at home conversation.

  5. Any reference to a lack of democracy is a fake argument when finance reigns supreme. The US has a hard time understanding that democracy and free markets are not the same thing. The neoliberal irony is democracy = coercion.

  6. Most people probably don't know that Putin is a Christian! He's a normal man, he's not orange, not senile and not out to crush his own people. He's been around the block a number of times. He's also been there long enough to know what Russia needs for the people, not for the banks, corporations and military industrial complex.

  7. Any “democracy” in free markets will be coerced democracy. Democracy has a way of becoming a tool of coercion
    while hiding the identity of the coercers. This is why neoliberals love playing the democracy card when engaged in highly coercive business and politics.

  8. One of best summations of the mess the US now finds itself in
    Sooner Biden is gone and hopefully Trump gets back in and does like MacGregor says the US will be the great country it was again internationally
    But there's one unelected super power the US administration needs to reign in on their own shores if you get my drift to make the world respect the presidency

  9. Interviewee is spot on. I've had the same perspective for months. I favor taking Novorossiya over
    Ukraine becoming a neutral state as is, which would leave the fault lines still separating along
    ethnic lines, although if we go back far enough, Russians and Ukrainians are brother Slavs.
    Russia wouldn't act upon choice but upon necessity of national security. The US/NATO have
    the Bear treed, and trying to slip the noose around its neck. The Bear bellows and if ignored,
    will fight the NATO dogs tooth and nail.

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