USA v Assange Appeal Day 2 – Report by Joe Lauria

Written by Consortium News


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  1. Thank you ! Media hardly covering Julian appeals hearing ! You've covered this case for long time . Lewis is not a psychiatrist his opinion shouldn't matter about Julian's health ! This is life or death situation ! Definitely !!

  2. We should be honest here. The decision not to extradite had nothing to do with Assange’s health. That’s the public excuse, but obviously not the real reason. She kept him locked up in Belmarsh where his health has obviously been deteriorating, she did not grant him any of the many requests made for less restrictive imprisonment while waiting on the appeals. The ruling not to extradite was a brilliant way to keep Assange imprisoned when the US has no legitimate case to prosecute.

  3. That CIA had a plan to kidnap and kill Assange, apart from being spying into Ecuatorian embassy to Julian and his defence team, and that CIA bribed main acusser, are enough reasons to drop the case. But the Empire and their british poodles care nothing about truth nor justice. And MSM will remain in silence. I love "free world"!!!

  4. In some ways .. it's almost better that Julian remains locked up .. since it would make the UK responsible for a "suicide" should he be allowed more freedom within the prison. Once Julian is released .. now he has no protection .. and I'm sure someone in Auzzieland would like to pick up a few bucks to get the job done. Should he be released to the US .. what would happen to him around the corner out of sight of prying eyes. I feel so sorry for Julian and his family .. but Julian is a hero of amazing stature! I think the Powers That Be .. don't want him out .. for fear that something else will be released that will damn them all .. such as the effort to establish digital passports to keep track of every buy and sell .. using the fingerprints (in the hand) and the eyes (in the forehead) to keep track of each individual from birth till death. Monitoring jabs, transactions, etc. .. this is not fancy land .. it's already being talked about and some of it is already being used. The Virus is the excuse!

  5. Thank you, Joe.
    I’m grateful for the coverage.
    I half-expect the decision to be that if Julian hasn’t already killed himself, he must be sane enough to be tortured in America’s “penal system” until he is successful at suicide. What a nightmare this all is!

  6. Your coverage of the case is very good and very important, but it almost seems like when you talk about the details of the case you give the court more credit than it deserves. The case obviously has nothing to do with Assange's health or American prisons.

  7. AT the end of the day, I envision all the players in the court room closing up their briefcases and heading home to their families. Have a nice dinner, catch something on Netflix and then climbing into bed with their comforting spouses. And nothing changes for JA.

  8. the judge BERITSA TRAPPED ASSANGE because the appeal had to be LIMITED to health matters and not to his activities as journalist.( freedom of opinion)
    and health is a SUBJECTIVE matter which can go either side……
    very vicious TRAP and hypocritical because on face value she saved Assange but in fact she trapped him.

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