Useful Idiots Media Review With Aaron Maté

Katie and Aaron Maté review the Sunday morning shows that they watch so you don’t have to. If it’s Monday Morning, it’s #MondayMourning

Written by usefulidiots


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  1. I'll be glad to get rid of the "it's a personal choice you make worh your doctor!" since I'm one of millions without healthcare or without solid primary care

  2. As a paying subscriber it’s getting more and more difficult to watch Katie talking over clips and having such a sloppy production thankful for Arron makes the show watchable

  3. Adam Schiff-less is one of most corrupt and insane psychopaths elected into public office. Everything that vomits out of his lying mouth creates paranoia , and is driving the planet closer towards World War 3.

  4. i'm sorry to say this but i actually think the show will be a lot better with Aaron. He is super knowledgeable and really left. He knows a ton about foreign policy that Katie and Matt are less knowledgeable in regards to. The show will be awesome with buzzsaw!!

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