Useful Idiots: Monday Mourning Media Watch

Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper watch the Sunday morning shows– so you don’t have to– and report back on them Monday morning for our Monday Mournings segment.

Written by usefulidiots


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  1. 14:00 PATNET WAIVER: patent waiver, natl immunity from post infection, testing instead, basic understanding of immune cantraction & B+T cells. the rest can be gamed. if they turn around an say "ok, we recognize testing & will pay for them, & natl post infection immubity if proven": mandates and internment camps to force sell these products does not become magically ok. -JC

  2. On a positive note I heard Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal and Scott Ritter do an excellent analysis of current geo-politics Ukraine Nicaragua with positive ties to future economic development with Russia and China. It was 1.5 hours and very encouraging news. Some of it portends an end to the Swift Worldwide financial system if the US continues to try and bully the world with sanctions. There are big changes looming but I feel things will work out once the Average American realizes history and America's ultimate declining role in empire building and how this could have positive ramifications for We the People.

  3. So the msnbc/nyt say the trump supporters who believed the 2020 election was stolen are conspiring to steal the 2024 election. So i'm guessing in 2024 it will be ok to be an election fraud conspiracy theorist is the message.

  4. Katie I have genuinely tried to see your side on the vaccine issue and it’s really opened my eyes to how even people I respect are susceptible to ms strawmanning themselves…

  5. Too bad Matt, that you threw in "Hersch" as the go to man on JFK's. Life. All it makes you look like is an ignorant fool. Such as the kind, who goes around talking about the Soviet Union as if the time you were there, was the why the revolution took place. Hardly. Look into your own primary sources, not anything but the VERY WORDS that comes out of these important people's mouthes. Duh. (Not to overstate the obvious.)

  6. Just so you can have the proper context in your unnecessary racialized hierarchy that you enforce with your structurally racist and structurally corrupt coercive monopoly of the state for a hundred of years now – Kardashians, Hasan piker live in the areas we’ve been redlined in Los Angeles from for over 100 years now. Just look up the LA redline maps… really do it….my family fought in World War I and World War II and Vietnam, but he waltzed right in and moved right into the redlined areas – that we were clearly redlined out of in that atrocious place with the cops who’ve been fascist forever and so racist. That’s how this atrocious unnecessary Eurasian settler colonialist state works. It’s reprehensible! It runs of worldwide fascist hegemony. All settler colonialist states are themselves evidence of crimes against humanity! Racialization, discrimination, structural dispossession, racism, bigotry in the so called United States is default behavior and enforced by the structure of the corrupt and structurally racist coercive monopoly of the settler colonialist state – and all settler colonialist states are themselves undeniable evidence of crimes against humanity and crimes against peace… how can anyone even have the concept of justice in what is itself evidence of crimes against humanity? That’s your red pill whatever that “red pill” is, but that’s what they been saying…. I am your red pill! The rest are just nibbling at the edges! I’m talking about the structure!😒 no really look up the redline maps! It look up the sun down towns map – really do it!😒😒😒😒😒

  7. the Crimea was never ever ukranian in the entire history of the world, until russia let them have it, with the implied reservation that they wouldn't become enemies. more russians have died defending the crimea in the last 200 years than all the u.s. soldiers that have died in all the u.s. wars.

  8. The system has closed thousands of hospitals, not only in rural areas, now there is a shortage of ICU beds and personal! Nobody
    talks about it ever, it's almost like their revenue comes from big pharma and and the health conglomerate!

  9. NATO is the whole reason Russia is threatening Ukraine. As long as there is a territorial dispute, Ukraine can't join NATO. Russia doesn't want NATO on its border, so they will continue to mess about in eastern Ukraine. These idiots in the media fan the flames of war and seem to want the US to escalate. They get so focused on the rhetoric being said to the cameras that they're unable to look at what's really going on. As usual, there is a complete inability to look at an issue from another perspective and consider the motives and validity of the other side. Credit to Matt for doing just that here.

  10. Just like Iran/Contra crack and Nixon and Bush’s Iraq and Trump, this is going to be another impunity fest JUST like all of the rest, because nothing is more axiomatic under American Eurasian settler colonialist social domination hierarchy since Christopher Columbus than settlers granting other settlers impunity, because that is exactly how colonialism works. It is repugnant & dastardly and reprehensible behavior that’s wicked, terrible and dreadful, but it pays a lot of people a lot of money so they kiss the big giant blood diamond ring of the commodification of the plunder of colonialism.
    Mark Meadows is guilty, don’t not to absolve him or any of his cohorts, but the media is subordinated and is making Mark Meadows what we call “expiatory goat”, when many other people need to be brought to justice.
    There are people high up in the coercive monopoly of this racist settler colonialist “state”…er…colony….in many places and people with a lot of money who perpetrated this crime against this settler colony and they won’t be brought to justice because that’s how settler colonialism works.😒😒😒

  11. Katie has a cold …AKA She is on the verge of death from omicron Persie 8…..Sent Antony an email about why we are not honoring the verbal agreement to NOT expand NATO after Russia gave up 1/2 of Germany….

  12. Matt, funny how you've discussed russian perspective and failed to even mention the perspective of Ukrainian people or Crimean Tatars, murdered by hundreds of thousands and driven from their homes by putin's ''lil green men'' you refer to as ''local separatists'' as you regurgitated putins's propaganda verbatim. Have you examined the reasons why there is a sizable minority in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea of russian speaking population such as 1931-34 Holodomor – genocide against Ukrainians propagated by russians, 1945 genocide of Crimean Tatars and effective ban on Ukrainian and Tatar languages and cultures, no wonder majority of Ukrainian citizens of all nationalities favor NATO, and if you think that this wis of people in Ukrainian people is somehow unfair to russian because of promises US made to russia, (these agreements were rendered mute by russia's aggression in Caucuses and Moldova) do you find it fair that after Ukraine voluntarily gave up 3d largest nuclear arsenal in the world in exchange for US and other countries guarantying Ukrainian sovereignty with in its borders as per Budapest Memorandum, US the world stood by as putin annexed Crimea slaughtering Crimean Tatar activists and taking Tatar lands (again) and went on to terrorize Eastern Ukraine? Now Biden emboldens putin even more by approving the nordic gas pipeline thus effectively rolling back the last bits of the weak economic sanctions that were nonetheless instrumental at deterring putin from further the aggression. Your coverage of the russia's aggression in Ukraine sounds just like CNN's coverage izrael's aggression in Palestine as you provided historic and demographic justification for the actions of the aggressor while not bothering to even mention the side of people affected by the aggression, you know, just like the ''real'' journalists do. You do you, Matt. For the record: I do not support military aid because I do not want continuation of the war, enough have died, that said, simply enforcing the proclaimed sanctions could deter putin, sanctions worked to bring about the end of apartheid in South Africa.

  13. Healthcare and higher wages. This will bring back the low wage workers. Real pre-k. Families need help just to survive the higher cost of living. If you help working people they will return and economy will be bursting at the seams.

  14. A fun fact one should know: The publicized pictures supposedly showing the "amassing of russian troops on the ukranian border" are showing a region in Russia that is 300km from the ukrainian border and 900km from the Donbass..

  15. One of thee biggest problems before Obamacare was insurance companies denying coverage for such things pre-existing conditions. Like pregnancy. So now the shitlibs as Dore calls them, think it is okay to deny medical coverage.

  16. In Scott Ritter's analysis, this sabre-rattling is 'tough-guy' posturing so Biden can't be accused of weakness on 'national security' prior to the US mid-term elections. Russia's troop deployments, beyond maintaining operational readiness and proficiency, are most likely a warning against Ukrainian Neo-fascist aggression. And Washington is well aware of this.

    In an attempt to prop up waning Neo-fascist support among the increasingly poverty-stricken Ukrainian population, a hard-line faction wishes to violate the Minsk II truce agreement and move to re-take the majority Russian-speaking and large ethnic-Russian minority territories of the Donbas (Donets Basin). Russia is unlikely to stand by while this happens.

    Still, Russia knows it would be a fool's errand to become bogged-down in an intractable and expensive insurgency inside Ukraine with little or nothing to be gained, especially since Russia obtains much of its foreign exchange by piping natural gas across Ukraine into Western Europe.

    Ritter said NATO currently lacks the conventional forces necessary to effectively counter the Russian military. And behind the scenes NATO has already assured Moscow it will not even consider Ukrainian NATO membership for ten years, lending credence to the public posturing theory.

    This pumped-up crisis might also be Washington's way of pressuring other NATO nations to ramp up Cold War II military spending. Just what a planet facing imminent environmental collapse needs. As is usual, the lunatics are running the asylum.

  17. 'natural immunity' is just another version o' 'herd immunity'……does tuck chood know you both do a masterful job at castigating his enormous pretense at journalism ? inquiring minds want to know……kill 'em all – to help bring the jesus back ! revelations needs ta bee fulfilled y'all ! the con-servatives may have their latitudes and longitudes wrong, but they DEFINITELY will break every egg to bring about their unholy omelette……the problem with modern 'borders' is that they presume allegiance – which, when it comes to human beings is essentially meaningless……

  18. Chuck Todd's comment/"question" : "Isn't it a perverse incentive to offer unemployment to the unvaccinated" implies that someone would chose to remain unvaccinated in the hope of losing their job and getting 350 bucks a week on unemployment (in some states the maximum for state unemployment is as little as 280/week). What planet does this guy live on?

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